GTA Protagonists Ranked by Morality

The protagonists of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) are almost always just ruthless killers who will seek to do their job any way they can. This can only mean that they are not always morally correct in their actions. The game has seen several protagonists over the years, and most have been loathsome.

Protagonists are an integral part of the narrative in any game, and their ruthlessness or lack of morals doesn’t make them any less important in GTA games either. This article lists five past and present game protagonists ranked according to their morality.

Note: This article reflects the subjective opinion of the author.

GTA Protagonists Ranked by Their Sense of Morality

5) Michael

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For most fans, the name Michael comes across as the worst of the lot, with the least sense of morality in the game. Michael is considered one of the most manipulative characters in the game after using the skills and the Trevor’s intelligence to plan and commit robberies, then sells it to save his own skin.

In one of the GTA 5 endings, he helps Franklin betray Trevor, only because of his dislike for the latter. Michael is not hated by the players, as his family’s mistreatment of him and his rule not to kill anyone unless necessary, puts him on the good side of many players who understand his reasoning.

4) JC

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Another rather beloved character, CJ, is also on the list for his manipulative nature. Unlike Michael, CJ has a lot of innocent blood on his hands. He is also hypocritical when he calls people out for not being the best of humans while cheating on his girlfriend himself.

CJ even buries a construction site foreman alive in concrete, simply because someone called his sister for dressing improperly. CJ is in the good books of many players but has no sense of remorse or guilt while expecting others to have a sense of loyalty and trust towards him, ironically.

3) Nico

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Niko is shown to have done the worst things imaginable while trying his best to be a better human. Niko’s past has a history of his involvement in heinous war crimes, including trafficking people to enslave or harvest organs.

That being said, Niko is doing his best in the game, GTA 4, to put it all behind him and become a better human. Niko’s character makes the whole game look dark and gritty.

2) Trevor

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From the start, Trevor is considered a psychopath, and no one can argue that the people he’s put down don’t deserve it. Trevor’s character is so mentally deranged that he is portrayed as a cannibal who only eats the people he needs to kill and not the other way around. Trevor is more mad than immoral.

Trevor is the only protagonist who believes that everything he does is morally right and justified, regardless of the outcome. Perhaps his lowest point was finding out that Michael was alive after almost 10 years and had been betrayed by his so-called friend.

1) Tommy

Tommy Vercetti’s family values ​​extended beyond his own and he stood up for everyone he considered close to him. That’s not to say Tommy isn’t a mercenary, because he kills and commits crimes for fun. Tommy is a charismatic protagonist with a badass demeanor that remains moral.

Tommy Vercetti is hot-tempered and violent but can contain himself so as not to even swear. It’s surprising that in a series like GTA that’s filled with games built around violence and crime, to have a character with enough morality to never curse and stay calm like Tommy.

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