GTA V mod lets you play as The Boys’ Homelander

Grand Theft Auto V is the ultimate playground for people who want to look slick but play hard. You can spend hours at Ponsonby’s or Binco, or get your hair done at Bob Mulét, to hit the streets of Los Santos and beat a rival player to death with a golf club – it’s manic violence, but with a designer suit and a smile.

So, in this brutal yet stylish sandbox world, who could be a more fitting “hero” than Homelander from Amazon’s The Boys? Handsome, charming, and immaculately groomed, he’s a complete psychopath who will kill and brutalize anyone for the slightest inconvenience. And now it’s all yours, thanks to this wonderful GTA V mod.

Adding to the case that The Boys deserves a full-fledged video game, The Dark Knight, a GTA V modder whose tireless work also includes adding Spider-Man, Batman, and The Hulk to the people of Los Santos, created a fully functional Homelander who can fly, send cars and trucks spiraling through the air with a single punch, and shoot down enemies with just a glance of his laser eyes. You can see him in action, with a billowing cape and “who, me?” swagger, in the video below.

There are a few steps to install the mod, including downloading a GTA V client that allows you to customize pedestrian and player skins, but The Dark Knight has included full instructions, as well as a handy video tutorial .

So if you’re a billion-dollar American premiere, some sort of WWII genes kind of person – or at least you want to play like one – you can download Homelander right now from GTA. V Mods. Don’t go to political rallies in Los Santos, especially not with your son.

In other news, GTA V’s latest update is running a little longer than expected, which suggests something big could be coming for the summer.