Gyan Sujan’s Free Fire ID number, stats, follower rankings, earnings etc.

Sujan Mistri, also known by his IGN Gyan Sujan in India’s Free Fire community, is a prominent YouTuber who regularly streams Garena’s Battle Royale title. The content creator has passed the 10 million subscriber mark and currently has 10.7 million subscribers on his channel – “Gyan Gaming”.

He also has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, while there are around 230,000 members on his Discord server.

Gyan Sujan’s Free Fire ID and statistics

Its Free Fire ID is 70393167.

Lifetime statistics

Lifetime statistics
Lifetime statistics

Gyan Sujan has played 18,334 team matches and triumphed in 6,580, with a winning percentage of 35.88%. He had 64,498 kills, maintaining a K / D ratio of 5.49.

Sujan Mistri has also appeared in 2,145 duets throughout his time at Free Fire and has emerged victorious 497 times, securing a 23.17% win rate. In these matches, he has 5,836 kills for a K / D ratio of 3.54.

Gyan Gaming has participated in 1,389 solo games and recorded 159 Booyahs, for an approximate win rate of 11.44%. He had 2338 kills, maintaining a K / D ratio of 1.90

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Classified statistics

Classified statistics
Classified statistics

In the current ranked season, the YouTuber has 48 team games against his name and has gone undefeated in 14 of them, leading to a winning percentage of 29.16%. With 259 kills, he has a K / D ratio of 7.62.

Gyan Sujan has played only one duet match and two solo matches, but has yet to claim a victory in either. However, he has three kills in solo matches.

Note: Gyan Sujan’s stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as it continues to play more games in Free Fire.


Its <a class=earnings and other details, including follower rankings (Image via Social Blade)” data-img-low=”” src=”data:image/svg+xml,”/>
Its earnings and other details, including follower rankings (Image via Social Blade)

According to Social Blade, Gyan Sujan’s monthly earnings are expected to be between $ 27.3,000 and $ 436.6,000. The estimated annual profits are between $ 327.5K and $ 5.2 million.

Youtube channel

Gyan Sujan originally created videos related to Clash of Clans. He then switched to Free Fire and saw a massive increase. Now he has 1966 videos with 1.427 billion views.

In terms of subscribers, Gyan Sujan is ranked 830th in the world and 130th in India. This link will redirect users to the Gyan Gaming YouTube channel.

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