Halo Infinite Forge User Creates Minecraft’s Nether and Village

Forge mode is part of the Halo franchise for a long time, with players making great creations for Halo 3. Unfortunately, players are still waiting for 343 Industries to release the latest iteration of the mode for Infinite Halo. However, some players have already had access to Forge Mode and created awesome builds

Among those showing the creative possibilities of Forge Mode is an independent artist known as Dan Brindley Johnson. Taking to Twitter, they recently shared several photos of a build they made using the yet-to-be-released build toolset for Infinite Halo. In particular, their creation stood out because they had decided to remake the Nether from Minecraftand the results were simply amazing.


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In the image shared by Dan Brindley Johnson, a player could be seen holding the classic assault rifle of Infinite Halo in a world that seemed distinctly out of Minecraft. Other than the gun, all other items had a blocky look that replicated the Nether design almost perfectly. For example, the artist created a giant pool of lava with more molten material descending from above. Additionally, the world crafted in Forge included a Nether Portal, with a purple glow, and a huge Ghast floating above the lava.

If this creation made in Forge was impressive, it was not the only Minecraft– themed build by Dan Brindley Johnson in Infinite Halo. Beyond the Nether, they decided to show several photos of their work in progress Minecraft town. Impressive, this second creation looked a lot like Minecraft as well. While the textures seemed different from those found in the vanilla version of Minecraft, the buildings and the distant cliff all had a distinct block shape. Some features seen in Forge’s creation were blocky trees, a few houses, and a lamp post with torches attached to its sides. The artist even included a nether portal at the top of the cliff.

Unsurprisingly, this impressive Minecraft-The Forge-inspired build has caught the attention of many gamers on social media. Since Dan Brindley Johnson shared the Village and Nether images, the posts have collectively received nearly 10,000 likes on Twitter. In addition to many praising the look of the creations, one player said he wishes one day Infinite Halo would bring Minecraft game content.

It’s probably exciting for many fans to see artists using Forge to create a number of awesome releases, even before the mode becomes available to everyone. In addition to Minecraft, other players who have already had access to the mode have shared some intriguing creations. For example, a player recreated PT in forge mode. It will be interesting to see what other things are done by the community when the feature is finally available in Infinite Halo to all users in the future.

Infinite Halo is available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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