Halo Infinite is hemorrhaging players on Steam

Halo Infinite has been a huge hit since multiplayer was dropped. Like any multiplayer, it had its issues, but 343 Industries was committed and transparent when it came to addressing them. Then came the campaign – its new open-world formula and grapple-based traversal cemented it as one of the best games of 2021. Microsoft recently announced that the game has attracted over 20 million players since its release. launch.

While Xbox Game Pass was the primary avenue for this, it even garnered a peak of over 270,000 concurrent players on Steam. However, the game’s performance on the platform seems to have declined since then. As of this writing, Halo Infinite is ranked 113th with just 9,182 current players, according to SteamDB. It’s below Smite – a game released in 2014 – and just above Fall Guys.


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While current player counts don’t necessarily tell the whole story, an examination of the 24-hour peak shows a similar trend. The game only received 28,668 players in the last 24 hours, leaving it in 55th place, between Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord and NBA 2K22. It’s not a position worthy of a franchise the size of Halo.

Unfortunately, this trend is not limited to Steam. Not many people stream or watch Halo Infinite on Twitch either. As of January, Infinite has only been watched for a collective 5,609,458 hours, which puts it 45th on the list, below Red Dead Redemption 2 and above Smite. For reference, the top five most-watched games on Twitch this month, in order, were League of Legends (162 million hours watched), GTA5 (140 million), Escape from Tarkov (107 million) , Valorant (70 million) and Rust (61m).

Soon we will have another metric to measure Halo. Last week, we got to see the first full trailer for Paramount’s Halo TV show. It showed Master Chief taking on a few lasersword-wielding Elites, a group of bullies and jackals, and a Cortana that wasn’t blue enough for some people. The show will adapt the main plots and events of the game series, but seems to follow its own timeline.

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