The Endermen are a non-partisan horde in Minecraft. These large, magically carrying crowds can be found in small gatherings in Minecraft’s Overworld and Nether, and possibly in larger gatherings. They resist gunfire and are damaged by scuffles, shocks, water and downpours.

Simple to entice and difficult to fight, endermen can be one of the most troublesome animals in Minecraft. While they are actually one of the impartial hordes in the game, endermen can quickly become hostile to any player or mob that irritates them. Players can instigate an onslaught of an enderman by attacking or visually connecting with him.

1. Build a tower

One way for players to beat an enderman is to create a three-square pinnacle. Staying on this peak gives the player a profitable strategic position. This allows the player to have a better overview as he is attacking the crowd. It will also keep the player out of range from the enderman’s assaults.

2. Build a roof

Endermen are much taller than the player and cannot enter regions more limited than three squares high. Players can counter an enderman by creating a roof with a region of two squares underneath. This region should be around nine squares, just to ensure the player has enough room to move around and stay clear of the Enderman’s assaults.

3. Use of the boat

One way for players to quickly defeat endermen is by using a boat. Players can put a boat in an enderman’s path and influence them to get caught. This successfully keeps the enderman established in one location and unable to magically transport him, making the mob much easier to kill.

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