Hero Galaxy pays you to play video games

SEATTLE , May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s a gamer’s dream, Galaxy Hero will pay you to play Minecraft.

“Right now, we’re doing what no one else has done before by compensating regular players with cryptocurrency for their time playing Minecraft through Web Layer 3,” said Galaxy Hero President Nicholas Moore.

“Web 3 makes it possible to transfer money and cryptocurrencies across the Internet. If advertisers profit from a gamer’s attention, then gamers who give that attention should also earn a share of that profit,” said Moore said.

Players are paid in cryptocurrency for the time they spend and for their in-game actions. They can make up to 85% of the sale of digital assets such as digital skins, tokens or artifacts that they created in the game and sold to an interested third party.

“Some people are paying the equivalent of thousands of dollars for these things on the open market. The lowest price at which any of our game skins are currently listed is around $150. Players can create these things for free,” Moore said.

To get started, go to Galaxy Herocreate an account, then log in to the website.

“We have a managed wallet service to hold your crypto earnings, so there’s no need to create your own crypto wallet anywhere else,” Moore said.

In just three months of operation, Galaxy Hero managed to capture about $15 million from the Minecraft market. Getting paid to play is a revolutionary concept that will shake up the industry. New games struggle to grow an audience using the play-to-pay model.

However, part of the reason Moore’s company is taking off so quickly is that it doesn’t have to develop a market since it already has a captive audience. It brings the pay-to-play model to the existing 200 million user Minecraft platform.

Articles about Hero Galaxy have been seen in Crypto Insider Magazine and Bitcoin Daily Magazine.

Moore has seen positive benefits from his platform that have helped lift people out of poverty in some poor third world countries.

“People in gaming cafes The Philippines are among our biggest users. They earn money and that assures them a decent wage. We pay more people to play games in countries like Brazil than they could earn with minimum wage jobs,” Moore said.

The Hero Galaxy is a metaverse of games and challenges to be won, hosted on various NFT worlds called Battle Planets. Heroes are the native residents of Hero Galaxy and act as in-game playable NFT avatars. They are played in Minecraft and can be sold on the open market.

Battle Planets are the battlegrounds of the hero galaxy and provide unique opportunities to increase a player’s hero value. Heroes gain value by claiming tokens and avatars native to the metaverse world which can be sold with profits shared with players.

Avatars are based on a player’s performance, playtime, and other daily metrics. Some artifacts include badges of honor earned in the game’s battlefield and may include spacesuits, swords, armor, amulets, wands, crowns, and more.

Hero Galaxy will also host several time-limited, live, in-game competitions where players will also have a chance to win and win great prizes.

“If you want to get paid to play Minecraft, sign up at Galaxy Hero today,” Moore said.

For more information or to schedule an interview, call Nicholas Moore at (206) 306-4911 or by email at [email protected].


Nicholas Moore
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