How exactly is Fortnite a metaverse? Epic Games’ magnum opus, explained

Epic Games has been focused on creating a Fortnite metaverse for some time. As fans tire of the constant collaborations, the developers have entirely different plans.

Epic’s magnum opus will be a unique metaverse where fans can fulfill all their pop culture needs. The Battle Royale game is slowly becoming a completely free platform that can digitally host everything from music to games and movies to TV shows.

Naturally, whenever gamers hear about the concept, they ask what exactly is Fortnite a metaverse. The answer lies in everything that has happened over the past two seasons.

The BR game has already hosted several concerts, comedy stories, and even political talk shows for fans around the world. It honored content creators and sports enthusiasts with Icon Series skins that loopers love to don during their games.

Everything that makes Fortnite a metaverse

The metaverse concept is quickly becoming popular and everyone wants a piece of it. For those unaware, a metaverse is a social network created in a virtual world, and users can participate in it through a virtual or augmented presence.

Obviously, it’s hard to understand how all of this makes Fortnite a metaverse. However, it seems Epic always wanted their BR to be one. This is evident as it’s one of the only battle royale games with such an expansive and ever-changing story.

Speaking about the game, Epic CCO Donald Mustard emphasized how much the studio has always wanted to provide a unique entertainment experience.

“Our approach from the beginning, or our goal, has been how to create truly large-scale, large-scale entertainment. And I still think the way to do that is through narrative conceit.”

In a 2021 interview, Mustard talked about everything Epic is doing to create the Fortnite metaverse. The idea includes the concept of storytelling in an immersive way that has been achieved through several playable live events over the past few seasons.

Each new collab is a step into Fortnite’s massive metaverse

Epic has collaborations in every aspect, ranging from live events, single-player missions, and environmental storytelling. In fact, even in traditional techniques like cutscenes, audio logs, and non-player characters, collaborations help build an unlimited metaverse.

The fictional universe revolving around Zero Point has already attracted characters from Batman and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aside from The Rock. As many other universes join in building the narrative around ground zero, Fortnite is gradually turning into the metaverse it was always meant to be.

Ultimately, the metaverse thrives around the players within it. On several occasions, the developers had to modify the story and integrate characters based on popular demand.

The destruction of Tilted Towers in Chapter 1 or the arrival of naruto collab were all part of the growing metaverse.

Fortnite is becoming more and more of a platform with each passing day. Whether you like them or not, all of these collabs set up Donald Mustard’s plan to create a metaverse where you can play as Kratos driving a Ferrari with Ariana Grande and Thor. Excited to see what the future holds!

Epic’s imagination has already taken root and continues to evolve through the seasons. It won’t be long before the creators finally realize their dream of a true metaverse and allow fans to be part of something bigger.

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