How Red Dead Redemption’s Ending Mimics Other Rockstar Titles

The popularity of Red Dead Redemption the franchise cannot be underestimated. Although it cannot boast the exact same sales as Grand Theft Auto, nothing helps, but it continues to be a franchise that Rockstar invests in after leaving so much behind. Everything from the setting to the characters makes the title stand out, and Red Dead RedemptionThe ending of is considered iconic in the industry by many.

This is due to the death of John Marston, the turnover of Jack Marston and the revenge pursued by the latter at the end of Red Dead Redemption, in addition to everything else. However, while that doesn’t detract from the greatness of the ending, it’s not the only time Rockstar Games has pulled off a similar trick.


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The end of Red Dead Redemption

jack marston

As a quick reminder, Red Dead RedemptionThe end of is nothing but a tragedy tied to the franchise’s overall themes. Players, like John Marston, track down his former fellow members of the Dutch Van Der Linde Gang at the request of the Bureau and Agent Edgar Ross. The latter has his wife, Abigail, and his son, Jack, hostage until this is done.

Yet after John does all of this, the Bureau betrays him – something foreshadowed by Dutch’s last words before his death. They attack his farm, where he tries to put his past behind him and move on with his life. This assault sees Uncle and John die, the latter an iconic industry moment that has become one of, if not the absolute, most impactful video game fatalities in industry history.

Then players can take over as Jack Marston after burying his mother next to John a few years later. Part of this whole cycle of civilization versus freedom, Jack hunts down Edgar Ross and avenges his fathers – fathers, if you count the events of Red Dead Redemption 2 now. It all boils down to an excellent use of storytelling and unparalleled character development, but this isn’t the first time Rockstar has used a similar story point.

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How GTA 4 and Red Dead Revolver compare to Red Dead Redemption’s ending

Grand Theft Auto 4 remaster changes

Two Rockstar titles have quite a few similarities to this ending and were released a few years, if not more, before Red Dead Redemption in 2010. grand theft auto 4 was released a few years earlier in 2008, while Red Death Revolver released in 2004. Both of these games feature an aspect of the story that is, beat by beat, similar to this game.

Red Death RevolverThe opening of is incredibly similar to the end of Red Dead Redemption. It opens with a character, Nate Harlow, returning home and believing that everything would finally be fine as John Marston did. Nate’s house then comes under fire from a government-backed attack, as does John Marston’s. Both Nate and John die in this attack, though Nate’s wife is directly killed here as well. As players play reds for the duration of Red Death Revolverthe two sons after these events – Red and Jack – must seek a government to take revenge for the death of their family: Red Death Revolveris Griffin and Red Dead Redemptionit’s Edgar Ross.

Although this one looks pretty on the nose, similarities can be seen in Grand Theft Auto 4 as well as. Niko, after completing his last “contract” similar to Marston’s last job for the Bureau, wants to leave his life of crime behind. However, a betrayal ends any possibility of this (Dimitri in grand theft auto 4 and the Office in Red Dead Redemption). This betrayal leads to a revenge mission after the loss of a loved one, against the aforementioned Dimitri and Edgar Ross.

Their last words also echo a certain sentimentality of the American dream. Jack tells Edgar Ross he’s “not going anywhere, old man!” While that’s a direct challenge to the upcoming duel, it’s also a statement that his way of life and his interpretation of freedom in America aren’t going anywhere. Nico says, “this is what the dream is like…” directly referencing the American Dream and all he lost in its pursuit, in essence. It’s not as point-to-point as Red Death Revolver’s comparisons, but this framework helps to set up Red Dead Redemption.

Ultimately, that doesn’t take away from those story beats in any of these games. Red Dead Redemptionof the three, is perhaps the most memorable, and it’s partly about the construction of the above.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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