How to burst tires on IO vehicles

For the Season 7, Week 14 challenges in Fortnite, players will not only need to find an IO vehicle, but also blow up a tire on it.


Fortnite is now in week 14 of its seventh season, and players have some difficult tasks to complete in order to collect all the XP they can get. Players will have to do everything, find and destroy Fortnitealien eggs to shoot IO car tires. But finding an IO vehicle can be difficult on such a large map with so much to do.

Find IO vehicles in Fortnite

Fortnite fans may recall having to take an IO vehicle and leave it in an alien encampment for last week’s challenges. If so, players can also use the same slot to shoot IO tires. However, while this challenge was left incomplete, there are around seven different spawn points for IO vehicles. Each of these locations will likely house multiple IO Agents as well, so players should be careful when exploring the area.

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Once players have arrived in one of these areas, they will need to search for a small black four-door sedan with the Fortnite IO badge on the sides. This logo will be a white circle on the driver and front passenger doors on both sides of the vehicle. The cars will also have black rims and very dark tinted windows. Here’s a photo of one of the IO cars so players know what to look out for:


How to burst IO vehicle tires

Players only need to damage the tire to burst it and get the achievement Fortnite. Pulling them out is probably the best way to damage the tire; Since this week’s challenge only requires one deflated tire, it should be fairly easy to complete once players locate the IO vehicle. If players are still having trouble locating a vehicle, watch the video below for a specific location that should help:

After shooting the tire, players should receive 30,000 XP for their issues as well as a green check mark in the upper left corner of the screen.

Some of these locations will be close to other challenges for that week as well, so be sure to research places to place Fortnite warning signs, turn off radar antennas, and all of the other Week 14 challenges. These challenges are a good way to accumulate XP and access new Battle Pass levels, so make sure you to complete all possible quests before the end of the season.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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