How to capture Elder Guardian in Minecraft

The Elder Guardian is one of the most difficult Minecraft monsters to defeat. It only exists in an underwater structure, making it extremely difficult to find and explore without dying. Additionally, Elder Guardian gives players mining fatigue, effectively making it impossible to break blocks on the monument.

The mob itself isn’t that hard to beat once it’s found. Minecraft players with a good sword can use it quickly, but anything before that is extremely difficult. Capturing all monsters isn’t new to Minecraft, but Elder Guardian is one of the hardest to capture. Here’s how to do it.

Minecraft Elder Guardian: How to Capture

The Old Guardian, above all, must be found. It will always be in an ocean monument. These can be found by exploring the deep oceans. It can be seen from the surface if players are nearby. The best way, however, is to use a map which can be exchanged with a cartographer villager.

The first step in capturing the former Guardian is making sure there is a place to put him. This should be over 50 blocks from the player’s general location so it doesn’t give mining fatigue all the time. A 3×3 tunnel is useful and it does not need to be filled with water.

Nether portals will also be needed; a tunnel from the monument to the Nether and another from the Nether to the Overworld. These should be large enough that they do not choke on the blocks.

Nether portals are essential for capturing the Ancient Guardian (Image via Minecraft)
Nether portals are essential for capturing the Ancient Guardian (Image via Minecraft)

Remove all the water from the room the former guardian is in. This can be done with sponges or mud blocks, the latter of which can be broken even with mining fatigue. The tunnels will need wagons and rails to transport the Guardian.

Once he’s gone through the first portal, make sure he enters the wagon, then push him into the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, leading to the portal, make sure there is an activation rail to remove the guardian from the wagon. It can then be pushed through the portal.

You’ve seen Guardians on your Minecraft server, but have you ever met Elder Guardian? ??

He looks fierce

It will come out into the Overworld and should be pushed into the cart and into the tunnel where players want to keep the Guardian. He can stay there forever.

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