How to catch Zero Point Fish or Vendetta Floppers while fishing in Wildlands Survival

Island Games epic quests have been added to Fortnite this week, and community-created modes can earn players unique rewards and large amounts of XP. One of those LTMs is Wildlands Survival. It is inspired by games like Runescape, and Minecraft, with an emphasis on collecting resources to move forward.

To complete one of the Fortnite Epic quests, players must catch 10 Zero Point Fish or Vendetta Floppers. It is not as easy as casting a line anywhere and it will take a little patience. However, it will reward 30K XP upon completion, and there is a way to reduce the wait time.

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The fastest way to catch fish in Wildlands Survival

fortnite fastest way to catch 10 lakeside fish shadow style superman

The fastest way to catch 10 of the required fish in Woodlands Survival is to find Vendetta Floppers. To do this, a fishing rod and a level 3 in fishing are necessary. Fishing rods are sometimes left behind by other players but can be guaranteed from Fortnite vending machine. Each fishing spot will have one, and a fishing rod can be purchased for 5 coins.

If the players need coins in Fortnite, they can harvest wood from trees with a white dot displayed on the gray box attached to them. If the dot is another color, players must wait for it to reappear. The timber can then be traded in town for 5 coins for 25 timber sold.

Once you get the fishing rod, head to any fishing area and cast the line to a level 1 fishing spot. About 20 fish will need to be caught until players level up Fortnite to a skill level 2. Once players receive the notification that they have reached a level, they should head to a level 2 location. These can be found at a number of locations, including southeast lake near Earth Clan, north lake near Ice Clan, and west lake near Fire Clan.

fortnite wildlands survival map catch 10 fish

20 more fish must be caught at these locations until level 3 is finally reached in the fishing skill. All of the previously mentioned areas will also have a level 3 spot. Pass this spot to easily catch 10 Vendetta Floppers while fishing in Wildlands Survival.

In addition to rewarding 30,000 XP, completing this quest will count towards the 9 Island Game Quests needed to obtain all of the unique rewards offered for the event. Hunting wildlife in Wildlands Survival is another task that counts towards the total.

Players have until the Legendary Quests reset on September 8 before all Island Games quests expire, and they lose their chance to earn Easy XP and Unique Rewards.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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