How to create a mob farm from a dungeon in Minecraft

For those who don’t know, naturally generated structures known as dungeons are usually found in Minecraft’s Overworld. These dungeons contain great loot, but their best feature is their guaranteed spawner.

A crowd spawner does exactly what the name suggests. As long as they’re not blocked by too much light, Monster Spawners continually spawn monsters to defend dungeon loot. Each mob generator can only generate one type of mob, and each mob provides different loot.

It is recommended that players create a monster farm from these spawners to have easy access to large amounts of XP and loot.

Steps to build a crowd farm from a dungeon in Minecraft

A dungeon in Minecraft (Image via Reddit)
A dungeon in Minecraft (Image via Reddit)

Luckily for newbies, a dungeon mob farm is pretty easy to create in Minecraft. Players will only need the following blocks to create one:

  • Sand of a soul
  • Three slabs
  • Two fences
  • Three signs
  • Four chests
  • Two hoppers
  • 32 Kelp
  • Two buckets of water
  • 64 temporary blocks

Upon arriving in the dungeon of their choice, players must quickly block the generator with torches so that the monsters do not appear during the building process.

To build a dungeon mob farm in Minecraft, players need to follow these instructions:

  • Block the progenitor with light.
  • Dig four blocks in all directions from the spawner.
  • Create a 9×9 piece around the spawner with two block space above and below the spawner. The height of the 9×9 piece should be 5 blocks high.
  • Create an endless source of water using two buckets of water.
  • Place two buckets of water in two corners.
  • Dig any blocks of soil that are not covered with water.
  • From the middle of the dug blocks, dig three blocks deep and two blocks high into the wall (players should be able to fit into the hole).
  • Dig the ground of this small hallway.
  • Place fences where the ground was broken, with a block of earth on top of the rear fence.
  • Break the blocks at the edge of the water, allowing it to flow towards the dirt block.

Now that the Minecraft player has finished creating the base for the Aquatic Dungeon Farm, they can create any trap they want. This can be a fire trap, fall damage trap, or drowning trap.

The YouTube video above features a trap created using a soul sand technique.

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