How to create glazed terracotta patterns in Minecraft

Minecraft has a ton of blocks meant for decoration and beautification. From polished versions of andesite and diorite to blocks of dyed wool, there are a variety of blocks to choose from. Each block brings a different look to a player’s build which can make it unique.

Terracotta is one of the most fascinating decoration blocks in Minecraft. It is made from molten clay blocks and has many uses in the game. It has the same explosion resistance as a block of stone, making it a useful tool to carry around for Creeper encounters. However, one of the main uses of Terracotta is in its sub-block, Glazed Terracotta.

Terracotta is also one of the most beautiful decorating blocks in Minecraft, with hundreds of different options to experiment with when using this block.

How to use glazed terracotta to create patterns in Minecraft

Creation of models

A purple glazed terracotta pattern (Image via Minecraft)
A purple glazed terracotta pattern (Image via Minecraft)

Initially, players can place a block of glazed terracotta and note the design in its corner. Corner designs are essential in creating attractive patterns from these blocks. If the player notices a corner piece they like, they should turn while placing the block, aligning the corners.

Many glazed terracotta blocks have centerpieces, which tend to line up towards the middle, creating circular patterns. These centerpieces stand out from the rest of the block and are easy to spot. For example, flower petals on orange and white terracotta blocks, rings on green terracotta blocks, and Creeper’s face on cyan terracotta blocks serve as centerpieces. Players can either place these centerpieces in the middle to form a flower-shaped pattern, or in the corners to line them up.

Obtaining terracotta

The different blocks of glazed terracotta in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
The different blocks of glazed terracotta in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Glazed Terracotta is a subsidiary of Terracotta in Minecraft, which is obtained by mixing terracotta and any colorant in a crafting table. Each of the 16 colors, when mixed with a block of terra cotta, results in a block of glazed terra cotta with a unique pattern on it. Players can also find specific color glazed terracotta blocks in the following locations:

  • The orange glazed terracotta generates in the houses of the gunsmiths of the village of the savannah
  • Light blue glazed terracotta is produced in the homes of blacksmiths in desert villages.
  • Violet Glazed Terracotta is generated in cold underwater ruins.
  • The yellow glazed terracotta is generated in the mason’s houses in the villages of the savannah.
  • White and lime glazed terracotta blocks are generated in some buildings in desert villages.

A design in a 2×2 area would be a good way to start experimenting with block models. Players can merge and repeat designs when using a larger area.

Decorative uses

Blocks of different colors usually complete a specific set of constructions. Here are some examples:

  • The light blue glazed terracotta blocks can be used to create a border around a player-created pool or even a lake for creative constructions in Minecraft.
  • Magenta glazed terracotta blocks can be used in place of panels, as they carry arrows.
  • Glazed terracotta blocks can be widely used to build floors for any structure created by a player to give an aesthetic and artistic feel to the building.
  • Red glazed terracotta blocks can be used in a Nether construction.

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