How to do a barrel roll in Minecraft

Barrels in Minecraft are storage units, similar to chests. They are also used as a construction block for fishermen. Here’s how to make barrels.

Barrels in Minecraft serve as both storage and construction block for a village fisherman. Java Edition players who wish to craft these items must have six wooden planks, three on each side column. Two wooden slabs should then be placed in the middle of the top and bottom rows. Alternatively, planks are replaced with sticks in the Bedrock Edition. Unlike some other crafting recipes in the game, Crimson and Warped Wood from the Nether can also be used to craft barrels.

These blocks can sometimes generate naturally in a fisherman’s house. Players can find up to three barrels in a village, but breaking the items will return the fishermen to normal villagers. The primary use for these storage units is as a construction block. After healing a zombie villager in Minecraft, the NPC can become a Fisherman if a Barrel is nearby. They are useful for easy access to emeralds as they accept different types of fish. At companion rank, anglers also have the ability to trade enchanted fishing rods. Aside from their use as a construction block, barrels are also a great alternative to the game’s base chests.


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Players in Minecraft Acquiring numerous items and storing loot for later use is an essential part of the game. A chest is one of the first blueprints learned and can be created by placing eight wooden planks on a 9×9 grid, with the central space empty . A barrel, however, is a slightly cheaper recipe to craft. Minecraft and only costs seven planks, one of which is converted into two wooden slabs. They both have 27 slots, but two chests can be placed next to each other, increasing the size to 57. Unlike the other storage unit, the barrels aren’t obstructed by blocks directly above them. -above. They are great for decorative design, but if players want to turn a villager into a job other than fishing, they may need to destroy the containers. Barrels also have other unique features inside the game.

How to Use Barrels in Minecraft

Minecraft Piglins

Although they are made of wood, the barrels in Minecraft cannot be destroyed by Lava. Instead, the substance circulates around the storage unit, burning flammable blocks surrounding the object. When broken, by hand or with a tool, the contents inside the container can be picked up, along with the block itself. Players should beware as Piglins in Minecraft will become hostile towards anyone who destroys or opens a barrel. Keeping an eye out for these monsters is therefore a good idea before looking inside.

Barrels are a cheap alternative to normal chests in the game. They also offer a different texture and are great for designs. Since blocks can’t get in the way, they make great additions to walls and floors while serving as extra storage. Players should keep barrels in mind the next time they begin a journey in Minecraft.

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Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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