How to Farm Clay in Minecraft

MinecraftClay is an excellent block for creating decorations. It’s the starting point for everything from flowerpots to glazed terracotta.

In this Minecraft clay guide, we’ll tell you where to find clay and how to farm as much clay as you need.

Where to find clay

On the surface, the best place to find clay is near (or under) water. You’ll find it everywhere, from rivers to swamps to the bottom of the ocean.

Underground, look for a lush cave biome — underground caves with lots of greenery. Lush caves tend to generate below black Forest and jungle biomesand never generate under forest, plainsWhere savannah biomes.

You can mine clay with any tool (or none).

How to cultivate clay

Instead of searching for lush caves or wandering the ocean floor, you can make your own clay from dirt.

Hit the ground with a bottle of water turns it into mud. Once you have enough mud, you will need it pointed drip edge which you can find in drip cave biomes or farm yourself.

Using a sharp drip tip to turn mud into clay.
Image: Microsoft/Mojang via Polygon

With that in hand, place a block (we like to use drip blocks for simplicity) with a pointed drip stone underneath. Place one of your mud blocks on top and wait. In a short time, this mud will become a block of clay.

How to use clay

clay is not this versatile, but it turns into a few useful (decorative) items. Breaking a block of clay drops four balls of clay.

  • Putting a ball of clay in an oven will give you one brick. Three bricks can be shaped into one flower potand four can become bricks — a block of brick.
  • Four balls of clay can be made into one block of clay. If you throw the whole block into a furnace, you will get terracotta. Terracotta can be dyed to become colored terracottawhich can then pass through an oven again to obtain glazed terracotta.