How to fix Fortnite audio issues on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

It is common for players to experience new issues when a game is updated and Fortnite is no exception.

There may be a connection problem, a game problem, or even game elements not loading. Typically, these issues are temporary and require the developer to review the game, test it, and then provide an update that fixes them. But it can be especially frustrating when Epic Games can’t implement a fix for an extended period of time, as players normally don’t know if it’s an issue with Fortnite or their console.

Several audio issues have been reported after Fortnitethe most recent update. Audio has been described as dropping on its own or not working at all by gamers. You may feel frustrated in this situation, but it’s important to remember that there are proven methods that should help. Keep in mind that issues with your in-game audio are different than issues with your voice chat audio as you go through the list below.

The fixes are generally the same whether you have a Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. You can find both fixes for in-game audio and voice chat below.

What to do when your audio isn’t working in Fortnite

Basic audio troubleshooting

Screenshot via Epic Games

First, make sure your sound is enabled in-game and on your monitor or whatever you’re using to receive audio. Some reports indicate that turning all sounds down to 100% in Fortnite solved the problem.

  • Go to your menu
  • Choose settings
  • Go to the Audio tab
  • Turn up the volume and increase all your volume levels to 100%

The bug prevented some games from saving audio changes, so it may take several times before it works.

Another problem is that you might have faulty wiring. Sometimes you may need to replace your HDMI cable if it is old or check if you have plugged it in correctly. If you have checked your audio and everything is 100%, and you still have no sound, you will need to reboot.

Sometimes a game just needs to start fresh. The first thing to do is close the game and then restart it. If the problem persists, restarting your console as this may also help. If you’ve checked everything and it still doesn’t help, you can find out how long it might take for an official fix by looking below.

Check the Fortnite Community Issues Trello Board

The Fortnite updates its Community Issues Trello board with the latest known issues, including those related to audio. Check the table first to determine if Epic fixes your particular problem. Although many players have reported these audio issues, Epic does not appear to recognize them as an issue being addressed by the Fortnite Community team at time of writing.

Check Epic Games Server Status

You can check the Epic Games Server Status page to make sure all systems are working. In the event of a system-wide failure or issue, voice chat and audio may be affected.

Do you still have problems that you cannot solve with the above methods and do not see a Fortnite any upcoming fix? Wait for Epic to provide a timeline for full resolution of the issue or contact Epic Games Support.

Fortnite fixes for voice chat audio issues

If you have voice chat audio problem in Fortnite that doesn’t revolve around game audio, there are several methods you can use to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Voice chat hardware issues

You may have a problem with your headset if you are still having issues with your voice chat. Replace your headset or unplug it to see if the sound works without it. If it still doesn’t work, your problem isn’t with your headphones.

Check your Fortnite voice chat channels

Screenshot via Epic Games

Make sure you’re in the correct voice chat channel. Cross-play across multiple platforms can lead to teammate eavesdropping issues if you’re on the wrong channel.

Game Channel and Party Channel are the two channels you can use in Fortnite. Using Party Channel, you can connect with players in your party, which you can confirm by seeing if they are lining up with you. In a team game mode, the game chain connects players from different parties who are on the same team but not the same party. Through the Social menu, you can switch between these chat channels.

Make sure you are using Fortnitethe voice chat of and not the group chat of your console

You cannot use voice chat in Fortnite with Xbox Party Chat or PlayStation Party Chat. It is always better to use Fortnitevoice chat from if you’re playing cross-play or playing team games and you don’t have enough players. Whether or not someone else is present, you must exit Xbox Party Chat or PlayStation Party Chat if you want to use Fortnite voice chat. FortniteVoice chat will stop working if you are using a platform’s party chat. Although Discord does not have this problem, we still recommend Fortnitevoice chat.

Adjust your parental controls to from Fortnite voice chat

Screenshot via Epic Games

If you have parental controls enabled for Fortnite, then there will be limitations. You need to change your Parental Controls settings if you want voice chat to work. Go to your settings and head to parental control settings to adjust it. Go to Mature Language Filter and set it to OFF. Then go to Voice Chat and set it to ON.

Please note that Fortnite won’t allow you to change this without your parent’s PIN, so you’ll need their permission to change anything. If you are 10 or younger and live in the UK or EU, this method will not work. Anyone 10 and under in the UK or EU is not allowed to use voice chat.

If you accidentally set your age to 10 or younger and need to change it through your Epic Games account, it will take a few days, but it is possible. Access using the Epic Games account, then start a chat. Explain your problem and the representative can reset your age. Once you log back in, you can set your age to the correct one.

When you encounter audio issues that you cannot resolve through common methods, you should contact Epic Support and wait for a fix.