How to Get Disposable Launch Pad in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Fortnite players may have noticed that there is a worrying shortage of launch pads on the map in Chapter 3 Season 4. While this made the journey to the next circle take longer, the battle royale has now introduced a new throwable launch pad item for players. deploy at any time. That said, these won’t be as easy to encounter as previous seasons’ launch pads. Here’s where to find throwable launch pads in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Where to find a throwable launch pad in Fortnite

Unfortunately, Throwable Launch Pads do not spawn in set locations; instead, they can be discovered exclusively from chests, supply drops, or ground loot. This even applies to chests located in chests on the island. However, we advise players in a hurry to find one to head to larger named locations, such as Rave Cave and The Reality Tree, as these are known to contain a lot more chests than the others.

It may take some time to research disposable launch pads, but their benefits are definitely worth pursuing. Unlike traditional throwing items, you won’t need to use building materials to place one. Instead, the object can be thrown on the surface of the ground to appear in a large metal pedestal that holds the cushion in the center. All players will then be able to jump on the pad to shoot in the air and reactivate their gliders. Be warned, this structure and the launch pad can be destroyed by enemies, so it’s best to deploy the item only when needed.

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It’s also important to note that these should be used wisely, as only two Launch Pads can be stacked in a single inventory slot. If you manage to still have an extra slot available afterwards, you should look to fill it with none other than the Goo Explosive Pistol. The rare rarity weapon was launched alongside the throwable launchpad and is capable of dealing hundreds of damage per second with its explosive orange fluid.