How to grow sea pickles in Minecraft

Introduced in the Minecraft Aquatic Update, sea pickles are marine flora that provide light and can grow in colonies of up to four pickles. They are most often found on top of coral boulders in reef formations.

Minecraft players who prefer not to pick sea pickles in underwater areas forever may want to consider setting up a farm for them. Since they can be melted in a lime green dye or used as a light source, it doesn’t hurt to grow sea pickles like so many other crops in the game.

Fortunately, breeding sea pickles isn’t too difficult, and there are a variety of ways to accomplish stock-making to suit the needs of any Minecraft player.

Minecraft: farming methods for sea pickles

Although sea pickles often grow from blocks of coral, they can be placed in many other areas (Image via Mojang).
Although sea pickles often grow from blocks of coral, they can be placed in many other areas (Image via Mojang).

There are four main ways to grow sea pickles in Minecraft, ranging from manual use to fully automatic use. Depending on the player’s preferences and how many pickles they want to collect at a time, each use comes into play a little differently to suit the player’s needs. This article takes a look at these methods and how they can be used in Minecraft:

Manual sea pickle farm

  • This is the easiest method, requiring a lot of bone meal and a nearby coral reef. Simply apply bone meal to the coral blocks and nearby sea pickles as much as possible. This will cause large groups of sea gherkins to form anywhere the bone meal is applied until it reaches its maximum capacity. Then collect the sea pickles from the blocks and apply bone meal again until you are satisfied.

Semi-automatic sea pickle farm

  • Minecraft players looking for a slightly faster hands-on experience can try this method. Place a dispenser in front of a water source block with a coral block underneath. Connect the dispenser to a fast redstone clock and fill the dispenser with bone meal. The coral will live thanks to the water above it, and if necessary, players can activate the dispenser to grow sea pickles which can then be harvested manually.

AFK Sea Pickle Farm

  • This will allow players in single player situations to farm sea pickles and not have to worry about the time limit, providing passive sea pickle earning. Players must place a sea pickle on an underwater coral block . Place a dispenser in front of this marinated pickle and fill it with bone meal. Then create a device that moves the block of coral underneath or use redstone to have a piston break the sea pickle once it has reached its maximum size. Timing can be a problem, but using the right redstone clock can go a long way in this version.

Automated sea pickle farm

  • A continuous source of sea pickles in Minecraft, but difficult to build because you have to understand how sea pickles spread. This one also uses a dispenser filled with bone meal to do its job, applying bone meal to a block of four sea pickles, but with empty coral blocks connected to his nearby coral block. The sea pickle will spread over the coral blocks and can then be detected and broken in a hopper.

There are many other types of agricultural sea pickles that have also been discovered by the Minecraft community. Sea pickles themselves aren’t particularly difficult to grow, so a little experimentation can go a long way in optimizing this particular underwater crop.

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