How to grow shiny lichen in Minecraft

Introduced in Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update, Glowing Lichen is a bioluminescent form of fungi that is often found inside caves and emits light when appropriate.

Able to grow out of the side of any solid block in the game, the Glowing Lichen can be a useful source of light for gamers and bring some haunting visual to aspiring decorators.

It can even be used in a compost block to collect bone meal from excess plant material. For those hoping to grow glowing mushrooms, the process shouldn’t be too difficult.

Minecraft: Create a shiny lichen farm

An example of a shiny lichen growing on different surfaces (Image via Mojang).
An example of a shiny lichen growing on different surfaces (Image via Mojang).

When creating a way to grow Shiny Lichen in Minecraft, it’s important to note that this particular fungus doesn’t spread naturally, forcing players to use bone meal on adjacent blocks for it. spread.

However, there is still a way to produce glossy lichen and harvest it if needed. Players will need a few materials to create a simple Luminous Lichen Farm:

  • At least a piece of shiny lichen. It can be found naturally in caves and harvested with shears.
  • Many pairs of shears, delighted with Unbreaking ideally.
  • Several piles of bone meal. More the merrier, the merrier.
  • A distributor block.
  • A sticky piston block.
  • Two blocks of observers.
  • A hopper.
  • A breast.
  • Three buttons.
  • A redstone repeater.
  • Two standard building blocks of your choice.
The completed Glow Lichen Farm (Image via Mojang).
The completed Glow Lichen Farm (Image via Mojang).

To create the farm in a Minecraft world, start by placing a chest with a hopper attached to the front. After that, players should place an observer block above the chest with the back facing outward (the rear part of the observer looks a bit like a face for reference).

Above this observer, they should place their dispenser and fill it with as much bone meal as possible. Also, place buttons on everything except the back.

Behind the observer, place a standard building block with a redstone repeater on it. Minecraft players will want to make sure their repeater is not moved from its neutral state and that its redstone rods are flush with the observer’s back.

Behind the building block, place a sticky piston up. Place an additional building block above the piston, then an observer above that block. The red light side of the block faces outward in the same direction as the first spotter and the distributor.

Finally, place a piece of shiny lichen on the front of the dispenser. This should allow Minecraft players to press one of the buttons on the dispenser, which will use bone meal to grow the lichen.

Since the glossy lichen cannot spread to the side or above the block, it will grow on the first observer. Minecraft players can then harvest the piece of shiny lichen with their shears in the front of the first observer block, where it will be distributed through the hopper in the chest before resetting the process.

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