How to install the Better Minecraft Mod Pack

Modpacks are a collection of Minecraft mods that players can install to modify their game. Better Minecraft is one such add-on. By adding dozens of new biomes and dimensions to the game, it gives Minecraft players a variety of new things to explore.

Although it adds so many mods to the game, Better Minecraft aims to keep the game as enjoyable as possible. This is a great mod pack for Minecraft players who want to enhance their gaming experience without straying too far from the developer’s original vision.

An image of a new structure in the End dimension of the game. (Image via Minecraft.)
An image of a new structure in the End dimension of the game. (Image via Minecraft.)

Steps to install the Better Minecraft modpack

Players can follow these simple steps to install Better Minecraft:

  1. This modpack is hosted on Curseforge, so the first thing players will need to do is install the Curseforge launcher. You can download it from the official Curseforge website.
  2. Once the Curseforge launcher is up and running, you should see a list of video games available for modification. Minecraft will be one of them.
  3. Go to the game’s page and click on the orange “install” button at the bottom of your screen. Installing this will prepare Curseforge to modify your Minecraft game.
  4. When Curseforge is ready for your game, you will see a search bar appear at the top of your screen. Click on it and find the Better Minecraft modpack.
  5. Once you find the Better Minecraft modpack, click on the orange modpack install button. This should start the download.
  6. Keep in mind that this is a large mod and the file download may take longer.
  7. Once the modpack has downloaded, click the play button. This will open the Minecraft launcher.
  8. Make sure to log into your account.
  9. Make sure the “Best Minecraft” game profile is selected. If not selected, you will need to close the game launcher and click the Better Minecraft play button again.
  10. Click the play button in your Minecraft launcher and have fun.

Players who enjoy the mod can support the developers by following this connect.

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