How to Join and Unlock Free Rewards

Find out how you can unlock four free Fortnite cosmetic rewards through Stoneheart Trials.

Fortnite’s Stoneheart Trials have arrived, and players willing to enlist can earn free in-game cosmetic items such as a spray, wrap, and pickaxe. We’ve seen similar events in the past, where you can register on a website and complete challenges to unlock rewards. Players can participate in the event from February 14 to February 20.

Today ESTNN explains how to sign up for the Stoneheart Trials and outlines the process you’ll need to follow to unlock all three rewards. So join us as we break down Fortnite‘s latest “Trials” event.

How to register for Stoneheart trials

Those looking to clear the Stoneheart Trials challenges should head to this website first. Once there, you will need to click “Login” and enter your Epic Games username and password. You will unlock a badge and the “Doomed Affair Spray” reward if done successfully. Your next step is to earn 11 badges, allowing you to collect the remaining prizes.

How to Unlock 11 Badges in Stoneheart Trials

While not necessarily easy to complete, the Stoneheart Trials challenges are fairly straightforward. The website states that participants in the event must finish in the top ten in solo matches. You will earn a badge for every two times you achieve a top ten result. If our math is correct, you need to finish in the top ten in 20 matches to unlock the Wrap and Pickaxe.

Here’s a quick recap of how you can get all three Stoneheart Trials rewards:

  • Doomed Affair Spray: Sign up for Stoneheart Trials
  • Hearty Wrap: Earn six badges in total (ten in the top ten in solo matches)
  • Thorns of Passion Pickaxe: Earn 11 badges total (20 in the top ten in Solo games)

You can check your progress on the event website by clicking “CHECK MY STATS”. However, keep in mind that the system update can take up to an hour.

How to Unlock the Sinister Devotion Emote

Stoneheart emote available as part of Fortnite's Stoneheart Trials rewards

The final cosmetic item you can earn during Stonheart Trials is the Grim Devotion emote. You don’t need badges to unlock this one. Instead, scroll down on the event website to where it says “The Stoneheart Night Tournament”. Epic Games invited content creators to participate in a creative mode tournament where fans choose the location. To unlock the emote, you will need to vote for one of the cards and then play on one of them.

Creative maps for the Stoneheart Night Tournament, part of Fortnite's Stoneheart Trials

If you complete all the steps successfully, you’ll have four free cosmetics in your locker, courtesy of Stoneheart Trials. The event ends on February 20, when partner streamers will compete in the Stoneheart Night Tournament.

This means you have six days to earn 11 badges. That might not be easy, considering the average Fortnite player has more skills these days than in previous seasons. Your best bet is to play smart and avoid fighting as much as possible while moving on to the next area. This strategy would allow you to maximize your chances of ranking in the top ten.

Featured Image: Epic Games