How to make a bed in Minecraft

Beds are one of the most important items to craft when starting a Minecraft world. Here’s everything you need to know to make one.

When you enter a whole new Minecraft world, you need to do a few things first: find a place to build a base, then craft a crafting table, torches, and a bed. These will protect you all on your first night and keep you alive without any weapons or armor.

Finding most of the ingredients for a bed is relatively easy due to the abundance of trees scattered throughout all of Minecraft‘s worlds. This is the other ingredient that can be a bit of a pain depending on the quality of your seed. This is how to make a bed in the survival game.


What materials do you need to make a bed in Minecraft?


Look for sheep as soon as possible to get wool.

Making a bed in Minecraft requires the following two ingredients and a craft table.

  • Three Wool
  • Three planks of wood

To get the wooden planks, you will need to find a tree, chop down the wood, then place the logs in your inventory crafting table to turn them into wooden planks. A log makes four planks, so you’ll only need one, or two if you need to make a DIY table.

Wool is a bit more difficult as you will need to find and kill three sheep. Some lucky seeds won’t have to travel far, others will have to search high and low. Luckily, killing all three sheep will give you some food and XP as well as the required wool.

Note that you will need the three blocks of wool to be the same colour or it will not be made correctly.

How to make a bed in Minecraft

bed recipe


Make sure you have three yarns of the same color or it won’t work.

Once you have all the ingredients you will need to place your crafting table and start laying out the wood and wool in the right place.

First, place the three wooden planks in line on the bottom row. Then place the yarn on the row above. It will make a bed the same color as the wool you are using so you can always take a little dye to create more interesting colors.

Once you’ve crafted it, simply collect it, then place it where you want it to go.

What are beds for in Minecraft?

A bed in Minecraft


Sleep to avoid monsters and ghosts.

The beds are there to keep you sleeping through the night, avoiding all the hostile crowds that come out at night.

They are also essential to protect you from ghosts, monsters that come out and attack you if you haven’t slept for three days or more. Ultimately, beds are lifesavers.

That’s all you need to know about making beds in Minecraft. Be sure to check out our Minecraft hub for more guides and news. Or why not try a few?

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