How to make chargeable phone calls

Since its release in 2013, grand theft auto online has grown to incorporate some of the most enjoyable elements the series has ever offered. This allows the player to design their own criminal to play in and forces them to adapt to the harrowing world of crime they find themselves in.

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GTA online constantly tries to implement new features to keep the game from becoming stale, but the repetitive nature of some of its missions will often leave fans feeling cheated. The contract DLC, however, attempted to remedy the game’s monotony by implementing Payphone Hit side event.


Buy an agency

The player should own an agency to start The contract DLCs. There are several agencies to choose from, with prices ranging from $2,010,000 at $2,830,000so buying one can be difficult for newcomers.

A quick way to raise the necessary funds is to do a few Hold-ups in Cayo Perico, but it will also require start-up funds. Each building in the Agency has the same purpose, so it doesn’t matter which one is purchased.

After becoming the proud owner of an Agency building, Franklin will invite the player on a tour of his new facility. He explains that he once sought to get away from his life of crime, but recently found himself yearning for the rush it gave him. It looks like he’s come a long way around the world in the five years since he appeared in GTA 5but his return makes him crave a little taste of his old lifestyle.

Complete security contracts

After the pleasantries are exchanged, Franklin leads the player to his new office, where he will operate an exceptionally powerful computer. It will be necessary to register as a CEO, Motorcycle Club President, or VIP to access the computer, so if the lobby is full, searching for a new session and trying again will usually free up space.

Once accessed, the computer will offer a variety of unique side missions for the player to complete, but the focus should be on security contracts.

There are six contracts available, but unlock Payphone Hit the event requires a mere minimum of three to complete. They pose few challenges to long-time players, but newcomers may struggle if they approach them unprepared. With only three to complete, there’s no need to waste time on the tougher ones.

rescue operation

The rescue operation The contract is arguably the easiest mission to complete if the player has access to a powerful and fast vehicle. The premise sees one of Franklin’s clients stranded by enemy forces in a remote location where they have no hope of escape. They must be evacuated quickly, so a long journey must be made in a short time to rescue them.

Retrieving the client safely and delivering it to the Agency will complete the mission, but there are many obstacles in achieving this.

The gunmen surrounding the client will pose only a small threat, but the helicopters pursuing him may cause problems on the return trip if the chosen mode of transport is susceptible to gunfire. The rescue operation can be completed easily if the player has access to the flying Deluxo.

Collect valuables

The Collect valuables the event tasks the newest member of Franklin’s team with infiltrating an enemy base to retrieve valuable goods from a vault. Although it sounds simple in theory, the unpredictable nature of GTAClose combat can quickly make this job arduous and frustrating. Patience is key when approaching this contract as danger lurks behind every corner of it.

Several armed enemies stand in the way of the safe, so it is necessary to approach with caution. Once they have all been dispatched, the safe code must be located to obtain the valuables sought. Collecting what’s in the vault is all this mission needs to be completed.

Asset Protection

The Asset Protection the mission can be incredibly difficult without the proper firearms. It requires the player to shield a series of boxes from enemy fire for a total of ten minutes, so they can quickly go sideways if attackers are not dealt with quickly. Multiple armed opponents will arrive on the scene in vans, but their attempt at intimidation can be quickly quashed with a few well-aimed rockets.

A vehicle capable of firing missiles will make this contract ridiculously easy, but not all players will get one. If so, heavy weapons and disposable explosives will be the best means available to survive the prolonged onslaught of asset protection.

Unlock paid phone calls

Once three security contracts were completed, Franklin will offer a series of new jobs that pay much more than what he offered before. These particular missions are so dangerous, in fact, that it will call the player through the many payphones dotted around Los Santos to ensure their identity remains secret.

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Chargeable telephone calls can be made by answer a ringing public telephone in the street. Their appearances are usually random, but the interactive menu can be used to force Franklin to offer one if he takes too long.

$15,000 will be rewarded for completing a public phone call, but reaching the bonus objective will add $70,000 more in the grand total, making it one of the best ways in today’s game to make some quick money.

Each Payphone mission pays the same amount, but some are more enjoyable than others.

The CEO Franklin has his associate go to a construction site and assassinate a CEO in disguise. The CEO will be seen wandering aimlessly in place, taking brief moments to survey his surroundings. Making his death look like a work accident will complete the bonus objective.
The judge Judge will be found golfing at Los Santos Golf Club with two armed security guards by his side. Completing the bonus objective requires wearing the proper golf attire and using a golf club as the murder weapon.
The co-founder The target will exit their motel room and attempt to flee in their car. He can be dispatched immediately, or his car can be tampered with to make his disappearance look like an accident. To do this, his car must be equipped with an explosive by driving it to a nearby Pay ‘n’ Spray.
The pop star The Popstar will be found driving aimlessly through Los Santos in his Annis Euros. To complete the bonus objective, the player will either have to chase the target in a police vehicle or spray them with bullets from a vehicle associated with a local gang.
The Trolls Four separate targets must be assassinated within the time limit to complete this public phone call. The bonus objectives will vary, with one requiring the Trolls to be run over in a car and the other requiring them to be shot in the head by a sniper.
The technology entrepreneur The tech entrepreneur will be in front of a hotel. He can be quickly picked up on the spot, or he can be picked up in a taxi and disposed of in a more eccentric way. Driving the taxi from a dock or into an explosive gas station will complete the bonus objective.
The Dealers Unlike the previous six paid phone calls, dealers can only be completed with two or more members in the player’s organization. Reaching the highest reward requires both players to take out four Juggalos at the same time, so a party of four is recommended to ensure success.
The contract killers Like the Dealers mission, Hitmen can only be played with a party of two or more. Eight targets must be eliminated to claim the reward, but the bonus objective requires them to be removed when they finally reach their destination.

GTA online is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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