How to Play Minecraft in VR

Minecraft has several versions, and now it has added VR support to the repertoire. From Bedrock to Java Edition, which version actually supports VR? It might not be entirely clear which headsets play which versions of Minecraft, and how do you actually enable VR, anyway?

Let’s go over everything you need to know to play your favorite block builder in VR.

Can I play Minecraft VR with the Oculus Quest 1/2?

Before continuing with the guide, it is important to clarify that Minecraft does not have a native Quest app. This means that you cannot run Minecraft on a quest without plugging it into a sufficiently powerful PC first.

If you’re not sure, read more about the Wireless Air Link feature here.

The rest of this guide will assume you are running Minecraft on a sufficiently powerful PC.

Which versions of Minecraft have VR support?

screenshot of minecraft vr landing page

Minecraft only officially supports VR gaming in the Bedrock Edition. This means that commercial versions and those purchased from the Microsoft Store have built-in VR support.

Luckily, the Java edition of Minecraft has its own way of enabling VR. Instead of official support, you can play through the Java edition using a user-created mod.

We will see how to activate virtual reality on these two versions.

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How to Play Minecraft VR Bedrock Edition

minecraft available on the oculus store

It’s the easiest way to play Minecraft in VR. VR support is actually built into the Bedrock Edition. Enabling VR in Minecraft Bedrock Edition depends on where you purchased Minecraft.


If you purchased Minecraft from the official Oculus store, Minecraft will natively appear as a VR title in your library. You don’t have to do anything more, just launch it!

If you purchased Minecraft from the Microsoft Store or another source, you just need to launch this version from your headset software.

For example, Oculus VR software can automatically detect an installation of Minecraft. SteamVR or Mixed Reality environments may require a custom shortcut to launch.

If you are using SteamVR or unable to launch Minecraft from your headset, follow the steps to create a custom shortcut as shown in Minecraft Support Page. This support page also contains a link to automate the process for you.

How to Play Minecraft VR Java Edition

Screenshot of vivecraft homepage

Getting Java Edition to play in VR is a bit trickier. Because it doesn’t have native VR support, you’ll have to fall back on a mod to do that. This is where Vivecraft comes in.

Despite its name, Vivecraft is a mod that allows any SteamVR headset to play, not just HTC’s line of VR headsets. This means that at least one Steam account is required to use Vivecraft.

To activate Vivecraft, go to the download page available at Vivecraft website. You will need to select a slightly older version of Minecraft, as Vivecraft usually has a few updates behind it.

screenshot of vivecraft installer

Once you have downloaded the Vivecraft installer, launch the application and configure the options as you wish.

For most users, the defaults are fine. Make sure Minecraft is not running and press To install. Installation time will depend on your internet speed as it will have multiple mod components to download.

Once the installer is complete, open the Minecraft launcher and return the profile to the newly created Vivecraft profile. Start SteamVR and press play.

minecraft launcher with vivecraft enabled

If your SteamVR is properly configured, Minecraft should now launch in VR.

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Explore the virtual world of Minecraft

With VR options for both versions of Minecraft, you’ll be having fun in the virtual world in no time. Even better, these VR versions are compatible with non-VR versions, so you can join your friends to explore and create together.

Keep in mind that the official Minecraft VR version is usually more up-to-date, whereas the Vivecraft user mod has a load of features not present in the official version.

Choose your helmet, choose your version and experience creeper fear in all its virtual glory.


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