How to start a campfire while having icy feet (easy method)

One of the new Winterfest quests requires Fortnite players to start a campfire with Icy Feet, and here’s how to do it quickly.

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FortniteThe Winterfest event is now live and players can look forward to new holiday-themed daily quests. This event lasts a few more days, so completing the quests is a must if players want to earn extra XP. The latest Winterfest quest requires players to light a campfire while having icy feet. Players can get frozen feet by destroying a snowman with their pickaxe or using a chill grenade. There are also several places where campfires can be found. However, there is one place, in particular, that is perfect for this. Fortnite quest.


If players want to find a location for a Campfire in Chapter 3, as well as a snowman location to have icy feet, Fortnite players should head to the area near Sleepy Sound and Shifty Shafts, which is on the north side of the map. Here, players will find an easy way to complete the quest “Light a Campfire While Your Feet Frozen” to earn XP fast.

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Fortnite Campfire Location

West of Sleepy Sound and north of Shifty Shafts, Fortnite players can find a small hill covered with snow. If they climb to the top, they will see several snowmen and a campfire among them.


To complete the quest, players only need to hit the snowman with their harvesting tool to get their feet frozen, then interact with the campfire to ignite it. Players should be careful though, as it can be easy to slide off the hill while having icy feet. Make sure you stay still and try not to stray too far from the campfire itself. Since there are three snowmen here, players will have a few tries to complete the Winterfest 2021 quest.

fortnite campfire icy feet snowmen

Not only are there daily quests throughout Winterfest, but players can also head to Cozy Lodge from the main menu to claim free gifts from Sgt. Winter. There are a total of 14 freebies to unlock, ranging from harvesting skins and tools to gliders and loading screens. Only one giveaway can be opened per day, so players should make sure to check in when they can.

Fortnite is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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