How to Update Minecraft Realm in 2022

Minecraft Realms is an awesome feature offered by the game. With it, players can start an online server for themselves and their friends. It’s not as massive as some of the well-known servers, like the Dream SMP, but it’s great for gamers to use with friends and family. It allows one owner and 10 friends to join.

Players can maintain these realms for as long as they wish. They can start a kingdom and keep it running indefinitely if they choose to pay the subscription fee every month. However, this poses a problem.

Over the years, Mojang has released several updates, usually one or two per year. For example, if someone started a realm in March 2020 and still had it today, they would have seen three updates so far. How could they update their kingdom? Here is the answer.

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The simple answer is to update the game. The original version of the game will dictate the version of the kingdom. Since this is an online server, players can join at any time, but they will join the game as one person.

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If the owner has not updated their game, the Minecraft realm will not be updated either. This can cause problems as many updates have extensive bug fixes. Either way, players often want to try out the new features that come in major updates to their realms.

It’s a pretty simple fix and here’s how to go about it. In Pocket Edition, the application usually updates automatically. However, if not, players can visit the App Store, Google Play Store, or wherever apps are downloaded.

A subscription comes with rewards (Image via Mojang)
A subscription comes with rewards (Image via Mojang)

On the Minecraft page of the store (or the updates section), there will be an option to update the game. Once it is finished and the realm is loaded, it will be on the latest version.

When you get a minecraft realm to play with your friends, it’s basically a single player because only one person has actually joined…

For Xbox users, it also usually downloads updates automatically. If not, players can visit the Microsoft Store or the update section of the “My games & apps” tab.

PlayStation users can do the same, although the terminology differs slightly. On Nintendo Switch, if it hasn’t automatically updated, it will prompt players to do so when they try to open the game.

On a computer, this can vary greatly. The most common method is to go to where apps are downloaded and check for pending updates. On a PC, it’s the three-dot button on the Microsoft Store.

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