Insider warns fans Grand Theft Auto 6 could be ‘underwhelming’


An insider reports that fans may be disappointed with some aspects of Grand Theft Auto 6, adding that development has been particularly “chaotic.”

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The anticipation couldn’t be higher for the next game of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The success of Grand Theft Auto Online boosted sales of Grand Theft Auto 5 for over eight years, but there is clearly an appetite for what Rockstar is working on next. For now, Rockstar remains silent on Grand Theft Auto 6, but it’s only a matter of time before an announcement is made. Fans may want to hope it is in a while, however, as an insider warns that Grand Theft Auto 6 may need longer than Rockstar.


An insider who provides frequent information about Rockstar, as well as other industry leaks, recently shared disturbing thoughts on Twitter. AccNGT dropped three ratings on Grand Theft Auto 6, beginning with a message saying “Some people don’t realize how chaotic development is.” It is not known who AccNGT refers to by “certain people”, whether they are fans, the press or even those in the company, and what they mean by “chaotic”, which could mean delay, frantic or any number of things.

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The second note in AccNGT is perhaps the most concerning. They say they believe there will be a “disappointment” for many regarding Grand Theft Auto 6. They confirm that they are not talking about Grand Theft Auto 6The graphics of, which implies that these will obviously impress, but rather “certain aspects” of the game will disappoint. This could be related to recent comments that Grand Theft Auto 6 isn’t as “funny” or “edgy” as previous games, or that it is potentially more of an online game than gamers expect.

Third, AccNGT cryptically says that if Grand Theft Auto 6 is announced in 2021 or early 2022, “we can be really worried”. They don’t elaborate on this, but the implication is that Grand Theft Auto 6 isn’t ready to be announced, and if it does, that means Rockstar or its parent company Take-Two are pushing development for the game faster than it should be.

AccNGT isn’t the only insider who has sounded the alarm bells about Grand Theft Auto 6the development of. A rumor spread by content creators in November claimed that Rockstar had restarted development of Grand Theft Auto 6 following the departure of co-founder and writer Dan Houser. This has obviously not been officially confirmed or commented on.

Rockstar is known for its tumultuous development cycles. In 2018, following the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, reports were published of a toxic work culture at Rockstar that was fueled by long hours of development that could last for months or even years. Rockstar would then have undergone huge changes to correct their culture, so it would be disappointing for Rockstar to fall back into bad habits. For now, everything Grand Theft Auto fans can do is wait to find out more.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is rumored to be in development.

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