Is “Fortnite” becoming the essential platform for collaboration?

Between franchise partnerships, entertainment crossovers and fashion collaborations, Fortnite is apparently emerging as the go-to platform for gender collaborations.

More recently, the title Epic Games launched a selection of Dune skins based on the characters of Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya from the film, heightening the excitement surrounding the film’s impending unveiling. As with most Fortnite collaborations, the game Dune the partnership comes with a range of miscellaneous accessories, including a Sand Walk emote, Harvest Twinblades and Fremkits.

The Dune crossing is just one example of Fortnites the continued development of in-game transformations, which have become a new marketing outlet that many other industries are starting to cling to.

Take fashion, for example – last month Balenciaga partnered with Fortnite to create a series of in-game outfits as well as a limited series of physical clothing. The player went through the archives of the fashion house to create four meticulously detailed outfits for the game’s fan favorite characters, along with several corresponding actual iterations of the same pieces. A pretty appealing addition to an avid gamer’s wardrobe, these IRL designs now sell for up to $ 1,290 USD.

Somewhere else, Fortnite has already taken a significant part in the world of fictional superheroes, especially within the Justice League. Having already debuted the playable skins of Superman and Batman, in August the game added a new Wonder Woman skin to its ever-expanding, super-powerful catalog, along with an Armored variant. The game hosted a Wonder Woman Cup ahead of the skin’s launch to amplify the excitement surrounding its official launch in the Item Shop, showcasing the many in-game activation opportunities that can accompany every collaboration.

And through its Icon series, Fortnite is able to tap into the dedicated fanbases of some of the biggest names in pop culture including Travis Scott, Major Lazer, Marshmello and more. Most recently, the multiplayer game title added five-time Latin Grammy winner J Balvin to the series, arriving with an all-new outfit, emote, glider, and bling back that comes out like a pickax.

In another corner of culture, Fornite recently made his first foray into the art world with acclaimed New York pop artist KAWS. As part of a Halloween campaign dubbed Fortnightmares, the player tapped the visionary’s familiar iconography for a collection of skeleton-style skins in orange, green, pink, and bone under a collection called “COMPANION.”

As FortniteAs the repertoire of collaborations continues to expand, it has become evident that the player is able to successfully tap into a plethora of cultural genres through innovative activations and their popular in-game skins. The question that remains for us is : who’s next ?

Elsewhere in the game, Among us will head to Xbox and PlayStation on December 14.

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