“It can be tough being a designer”: Hannahxxrose talks about her insane rise as a Minecraft streamer

It always amazes me how quickly the landscape of the game changes.

Being someone who has been using Twitch since the days of Justin.tv, the platform is night and day compared to where it started, especially the content that is available there. Previously, Twitch was essentially League of Legends TV, with the game almost always dominating audiences and featuring the site’s most popular streamers. If you wanted to be a great streamer, being a professional League of Legends player was usually a requirement. You had to be an established name on a big team or you probably weren’t going to make it.

How times have changed.

While League of Legends is still huge, it no longer holds such supremacy. Other games frequently overtake it: Grand Theft Auto V, VALORANT, Minecraft, etc. The last one is particularly interesting. While it’s not surprising that the game has a high viewership count given that it is the most popular game of all time, it is unusual that its main viewer base is younger than most. other popular games on Twitch. The way people rose through the ranks as streamers in the game can be quite different from others. Hannahxxrose is a good example.

Hannahxxrose (or Hannah, for short) is one of the greatest personalities in Minecraft. In recent years, his YouTube channel has over 600,000 subscribers and has TikTok and Twitch accounts with over one million subscribers each. Its story not only shows how the landscape of game content is changing, but also the value of hard work and persistence.

Hannah wore her inspirations on her sleeve.

She said: “Some of my main inspirations when it comes to Minecraft content were CaptainSparklez and Joey Graceffa. Both uploaded Minecraft Hunger Games videos around 2013-2014 and that’s what prompted me to buy the game originally! When I started making my own videos in 2015, I just posted some clips that I thought were cool and that other people would enjoy.

That year, Hannah already found her bread and butter content: PvP. Early videos of her consisted of short joke clips or highlighting reels from her matches on the Minecraft Mineplex minigame server. What’s worth noting is that his early videos didn’t have a facecam, or even a commentary. Only music and gameplay.

Hannahxxrose explained, “When I first started on YouTube, I wasn’t very comfortable sharing my appearance, or even my voice for that matter. I was always worried that people would find a way to using these things against me which is quite common in competitive communities. Over time I have become more and more comfortable with using facecam and now it is an essential part of my streams !

Although she has a consistent formula, she did not immediately yield success.

“I’ve been creating content since 2015 and started broadcasting on YouTube in 2016,” she continued. . I really wanted to give up a few times, mainly because of the hate and negative comments. But luckily I pushed it through and kept on creating because of where it got me today! Some of my biggest challenges have certainly been staying motivated while studying chemical engineering in college. It was super difficult to keep making content because of my lack of time at the time.

How she grew to the size she is today is really interesting to watch. At the end of 2016, after almost a year of efforts, she had accumulated 2,000 subscribers. For the most part, his videos averaged less than 10,000 views each. Respectable numbers, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Over the years, there haven’t been many changes in its content. She played on another minigame server (Hypixel), but for the most part these were still highlight clips and videos. The audience was about the same too. Eventually, she started to introduce regular comments and have new types of videos like game guides and real-time footage of her competing in PvP. Even still, its growth has been modest – its average audience reaching twenty thousand per video.

Then a change happened.

Looking at his list of videos, it is clear that this video is a benchmark for his career. His chain soars from here, more than 10 times bigger than before. What caused this change? There are a few factors.

We have take off

The Three Factors of Hannahxrosis’s Rise to the Top

One is that she started to focus on the content of Bedwars.

“Bedwars is one of the world’s most popular Minecraft mini-games. When you join the game, everyone starts with a bed. The goal is to protect your bed from damage and be the last player standing. Once your bed is broken, you cannot respawn. It’s a super intense game mode with its own unique items and strategies. It’s definitely the most popular Minecraft mini-game on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok!

While she’s used popular game modes in the past, this one has certainly resonated the most with viewers.

It was also around this time that Hannah began to regularly implement facecam images in her videos (and feeds). Having a more interactive approach with facecam is obviously a staple of streaming, which certainly helped her create a more personal image.

The third factor was due to something I had never seen casually work in games: TikTok. Obviously, the platform is huge and can build celebrities overnight, but in my world where big companies struggle to make an impact, it didn’t seem like TikTok was viable for gaming content. With people like Counter Logic Gaming CEO Devin Nash saying the “carry over” from other social media platforms was very low, it didn’t look promising. Hannah contradicts this.

When asked how she thought she had become so popular, she said, “I think what made my content stand out was the way I tried to create original content, especially on TikTok. I’ve made Minecraft clips that no one has really seen before in the community, and I think that’s the main reason my content was successful there. To my surprise, that audience moved to Twitch and really helped me get to where I am today.

His TikTok has huge reach, with over a million followers and dozens of videos with millions of views. Its page is bigger than companies like Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid! With how much his other social platforms have exploded since his rise on TikTok, there’s no reason to doubt his sentiment – the results speak for themselves.

Hannah described the incredible luck that sparked her rise: “The moment I switched my content from Ultra Hardcore to Bedwars was when it all really took off! I think the addition of facecam was an additional factor that helped me grow, but I think the only reason was Bedwars. The resurgence of Bedwars as a minigame really started around the time I first started playing it, so it was the perfect storm of TikTok, Bedwars, and new Facecam content that helped my channel go up. arrow !

Since then, Hannah’s chain has grown steadily. She has worked her way into creating videos with some of the world’s most popular gaming figures, even being invited to participate in the legendary Dream SMP.

Hannah said, “The craziest thing I’ve done on the Dream SMP so far is to develop my character’s script. The Dream SMP is very well known for its ‘lore’ and its storylines, and I I’ve done a few streams so far getting involved in the server tradition.The community loves the knowledge streams and they’ve been a big success for me so far.

Her first day on the server remains her most popular video.

There are certain conditions that obviously come with being a successful streamer. Hannah admits that the hatred directed at her can be a challenge.

“If I had to change anything about Twitch, it would be the toxicity and harassment that streamers, especially female streamers, face. It can be difficult to be a creator because of the hate you have to deal with, but it’s part of the job, “Hannah said.” I wish no one on the platform had to do this. ‘experience and if I could change one thing about Twitch it sure would be.

Hannah has taken many steps to build a strong community and network of support.

“I think when you take a stand that you don’t tolerate any hate, it can help create a welcoming and kind community… In my personal experience, I have some amazing streamer friends who still support each other. It can be difficult, especially in this industry, but within my group of friends we always support each other. What I love about the Minecraft community is that the creators are always there for each other. The best way I have found to deal with toxicity is to ignore it altogether. It’s an answer every streamer will give, but if you pay attention to a troll it encourages behavior and it always comes back. This is the best advice I can give to any new streamer.

It works. Speaking with his manager Josh “Caru” Glodoveza, he said, “The fan base that Hannah has built has completely changed our lives (especially rosetwt). It has allowed us to partner with brands and publishers to further propel Hannah’s aspirations. As artists ourselves, we do our best to use the platform we have to support creators and artists in our community by sharing works of art created by fans on our Instagram stories and amplifying the creators on our feeds. We hope to create an even bigger army of roses that will spread even more joy, positivity and our competitive spirit to Bedwars! “

It’s unclear how long Hannah can keep the iron hot. Considering how successful she has been so far in such a competitive space as Minecraft content creation, it’s hard to doubt her. And as someone who has been happy for years creating content for a small audience (a good percentage being trolls), she has shown a resolve to never give up. Even when she is leveling off, like all designers do, she is preparing for the long haul.

“I would say my ‘end goal’ as a creator is to keep transforming my content to help find longevity in this career. I want to keep creating original ideas, whether in Minecraft or some other game, that will help me to continue this long term. My goal is definitely to find longevity in a career that many people consider “short lived”, ”concluded Hannah.

She can just do it.