Minecraft 1.19 Music Disc Could Reveal Deep Dark Biome Secrets

The new Minecraft music disc dropped in the upcoming Wild update may shed some new light on the Guardian’s origins and The Deep Dark’s story.

Minecraft was one of the few games to stand the test of time, focusing primarily on content while ensuring the world remained mysterious, although the new music disc in the Minecraft The 1.19 Wild update provides insight into the origins of The Deep Dark biome and the Warden. With Minecraft returning in 2009 and gaining a dedicated community along the way, the lore of the world and its creatures has often been sidelined and theorized about. With the upcoming Wild update, players will have the opportunity to delve into the new alien-looking Deep Dark biome and uncover the many secrets it holds, though its exclusive music disc found in Ancient Cities may shed some light. how the sculk spread through the biome and what MinecraftThe enemy Warden protects with his terrifying lasers.

MinecraftMusic discs have always been one of those items that feel like a reward as they are rare to find in the world and are a nice addition to listen to while sitting in a home. This changed in the Nether update, which added a new music disc called “Pigstep”. This disc is located exclusively in Bastion Remnants, the home of the Piglins, making it uniquely tied to one location and adding lore to the Piglins by giving them their own disc as if they were listening to it when the player is not the. The Ancient Cities in the Deep Dark biome will contain fragments of a new music disc, as well as a new Minecraft element to guide players to where they last died, but locating all the fragments will result in a disc that looks more like a found footage tape than something to block.

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Years ago, another music disc titled “11” was added to Minecraft which plays out similarly, this one detailing another player’s final moments, resembling a frightened person running away while a strange creature stalks them. The upcoming music disc added to Ancient Cities follows a similar naming scheme and is labeled “5”. However, unlike the other disc, many of the sounds on this recording can be directly linked to the sculk and Warden, which could help determine their origins in Minecraft 1.19.

What Minecraft’s New Music Disc Reveals About The Deep Dark

After avoiding Minecraft‘s Warden and its spooky dark effect, and by locating nine disc fragments in Ancient Cities, the player can turn them into a complete music disc and play it in a jukebox. The recording is about three minutes long and takes place in spliced ​​sections as if damaged after being separated. Throughout the recording, many noises are undoubtedly related to the sculk sensor and the Warden. Towards the end of the recording, a person can be heard running down what looks like a hallway, which is the main alley leading to the monument in the center of the ancient city. Then a high-pitched crystal sound can be heard, similar to Minecraft‘s End Crystals which guardians can survive, and an ignition sound is triggered as if something massive has just been ignited, which ties in with player theories that the monument in the ancient city is actually a portal to another dimension.

Shortly after, the person in the recording triggers what looks like a sculk catalyst, which is the block that summons the director. Then a sculk sensor is triggered, followed by the Guardian’s resounding roar. After listening to the recording and examining the environment of the ancient city, it can be deduced that this explorer could have lit a portal to a sculk dimension and brought it to the overworld, with Minecraft‘s Warden mob which is the scariest in the game. What really happened may remain a mystery, but the community will always try to piece together the true meaning and uncover the origins of The Deep Dark. MinecraftWild’s 1.19 update will release later this year and will bring a host of new biomes, creatures, and items to explore and use.

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