Minecraft Build recreates a French town at 1:1 scale after 600 hours

A Minecraft player has recreated the French town of Turchkeim in one-to-one scale – a 600-hour build that’s part of the Build The Earth project.

A talented Minecraft The player recreated the French town of Turchkeim in one-to-one scale, completing construction after 600 hours. MinecraftThe dedicated fanbase of is still very much alive, as evidenced by the steady stream of awesome projects constantly popping up on the internet. Fantastic recreations like a Minecraft The player’s Avengers Tower is built on real-world reconstructions as a Mediterranean island, players are constantly pushing the limits of Mojang’s voxel sandbox.

MinecraftThe continued popularity of can be attributed to its constant stream of new updates, like the Caves and Cliffs: Part 2 update that dropped in late 2021. The long-awaited patch brought a plethora of world-gen changes, like a new height limit, as well as new biomes. The next big update, The wild, would be around the corner, which could bring more biomes and blocks for players to use. All MinecraftThe new features of add to what is possible in the game, giving players more tools to pursue ambitious projects, like recreating Genshin Impact‘s Teyvat Continent.


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Reddit user Tyta Rex shared their latest Minecraft build, which is a 1:1 scale reconstruction of Turckheim in Alsace, France. Scale means that one block in the game is equivalent to one meter (or three feet) in the real world. Given that Turchheim is approximately 6.36 square miles, there was over 16 million square meters of space to replicate. According to TytaRex, the massive build took 600 hours and used the Minecraft à la carte ign map generator, which allows players to generate maps from geographic data. The map generator only generates buildings as bricks on the ground representing the walls, so TytaRex had to raise the blocks according to the actual height of each structure. By using Google Street View and Good Earth, TytaRex was able to more accurately finish the outer areas of the French commune.

Minecraft Alsace Reddit Post

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Turchkeim’s TytaRex 1:1 scale replica is part of the largest Minecraft Build The Earth Project, which has the ambitious goal of recreating all of Earth in the voxel world. The project uses the “Terra 1 to 1” mod to create the geographical landscape of Earth and has employed thousands of players to help build hundreds of real-world cities. The project began with YouTuber PippenFTS’ call for builders and his own attempt to recreate a full-scale Seattle. After a few years, the project picked up a lot of speed. Players around the world have helped fill in the rest of Earth’s many structures and civilizations, though there’s still a lot of work to do before it’s complete. The end result will be a real Minecraft Earth all compiled into one map.

In early March, a group of Minecraft players built New York on an individual scale, including apartment buildings, skyscrapers, and bridges. At that time, there were about 6,700 square kilometers, or about 2,500 square miles, and it was reported that 4,500 constructions were still going on. As TytaRex has clearly demonstrated, the Minecraft The Built The Earth project is still in full swing, and fans likely won’t rest until the entirety of the Earth is built.

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Source: TytaRex/Reddit

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