Minecraft can now teach English

Minecraft can now teach English: here is the project with the University of Cambridge (Tuesday, February 15, 2022)
Who would have thought that a video game would be used to give excellent English lessons to its students? Well, it seems that an initiative on Minecraft has only that as its objective. As can be seen from the banner in question, Minecraft will become a way to learn as much as play – Computermagazine.itIn the Marketplace dedicated to Minecraft The first ever educational game for this particular title has been released. It’s called “Adventures in English with Cambridge», And with the collaboration ofthe University from Cambridge, it looks like Microsoft has done something different than usual. The aim, as one can easily imagine, should be to help children and young people develop…To read on computermagazine


GamingToday4 : Minecraft now lets you learn English! – Aleisnotokay : I’m not going to start it just yet because my horror detox period made by Animal Crossing and Minecraft is not over… – fucking lawyer2 : now i download minecraft on the phone i already have the account and i do stuff – andreastoolbox : Adventures in English with Cambridge, video game to teach English to children – ivan39306675 : @ArmaniMio @ luspagna20 @SurrealPower For that he was lucky, because if he had started now moloto difficult… –

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Minecraft now lets you learn English!

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