Minecraft frogs can eat goats, gamer finds

Recently a Minecraft player discovered that the frog can actually eat goats. Under normal circumstances, the two monsters rarely interact with each other.

Recently a Minecraft The player made a disturbing discovery about the game’s frogs and goats where the first mob can actually eat the second. Despite being over ten years old, the famous sandbox title has managed to stay relevant through continuous adaptation that allows players to push the boundaries of the game with their versions.

Minecraft mobs are AI-driven entities with specific behaviors that can be found in boulder landscapes. There are different categories of monsters referred to by the way they react to the player and can range from passive even when attacked to aggressive at first glance. Frogs and goats are more peaceful Minecraft mobs with goats normally being the more violent of the two when it comes to interacting with the player as well as other mobs. After a recent discovery, however, perhaps goats should turn their aggression towards a much smaller entity.


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Reddit user James loves tv posted a short video that demonstrates in the world of Minecraft, frogs are predators of goats. In the clip, the player manually appears in both crowds only to see the frogs not only devour the goats as soon as they are in range, but actively pursue them if they are not. Many commentators seemed fascinated by this discovery and were curious to see where the limits of this frog-feeding frenzy ended.

Under normal circumstances, frogs and goats rarely interact with each other in Minecraft. Without the help of manual egg-laying, surprisingly hungry amphibians appear naturally in swampy areas that are typically found in flat lowlands that can sometimes even descend below sea level. Goats, on the other hand, can naturally. be found in high altitude areas such as frozen peaks, jagged peaks or snowy slopes. With such a difference Minecraft biomes causing these natural appearances, it would make sense if this weird gameplay element had gone largely unnoticed for so long.

While in real life frogs are generally known to eat anything that can fit in their mouths, the game’s developers have apparently taken this mentality a step further. With this new discovery, it’s only natural to wonder what the biggest crowd these blocky amphibians can eat. Comments on JamesLovesTV’s post have already posed potential tests, so it’s possible that more information will be released soon. Either way, this demo has proven to be a good thing for Minecraft players that the developers have decided to normally make the frogs passive.

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Minecraft is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android and iOS platforms.

Source: James LovesTV / Reddit

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