Minecraft – How to attract villagers

Villagers are some of the best things to see when playing Minecraft. They provide exchanges and the items they give away may vary depending on the jobs they do. Having a lot of these long-nosed monsters can be extremely useful for players, which is why one may want to know how to lure villagers to different locations. But is such a thing even possible?

Can you attract villagers?

Sadly, villagers cannot be lured – at least, not in the traditional sense. However, there are many ways to get villagers moving. By destroying each block used by the villagers for their work, players can repeatedly place and break their own block to guide the villagers as they wish. For example, placing a blast furnace in sight of unemployed villagers – and breaking it before they reach it – is an easy way to get villagers moving. It is best to do this during the day; at night, players should try to place beds near them instead (after destroying all beds in the village, of course).

Another method of attracting villagers is to not even care. Instead, players must find zombie villagers and lure them into enclosed spaces. They can encourage zombies to kill villagers they have traded with; the resulting zombie villager will not disappear. After letting the zombie villager hunt them, players can isolate them and heal their zombification. Indeed, the villager has been moved, although the method may be more difficult than necessary.

Finally, an easy way for players to move villagers around is to push them into minecarts. It might take quite a bit of rails to get villagers far enough away from their village to forget about it, but it’s not a particularly difficult task once everything is set up correctly. Anyone looking to get the most out of their acquired villagers should also be sure to know how to spawn villagers. In case one does not know the difference between luring villagers and attracting them, they should also take a look at how to attract bees to easily spot the difference.

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and mobile devices.