Minecraft: how to breed parrots

Minecraft has a large amount of animals in its world, and parrots are among the rarest. They are mostly found in jungles, but only spawn with a 0.2% chance. As such, parrots are very elusive, so you may want to breed parrots to increase their numbers when you finally find them. This will allow you to take parrots with you and keep them to yourself, ensuring you never have to search to find them. Read on to find out how to breed parrots in Minecraft.

Can you breed parrots in Minecraft?

You cannot breed parrots in Minecraft.

They are a willfully elusive animal in the game, and as such, you are not able to artificially increase their population. Since parrots don’t have newborn models in Minecraft, the mechanisms aren’t in place to reproduce further. As such, even if you get two parrots together and set up an environment in the jungle, there is no chance that a new baby parrot will appear.

While it may be a disappointment for many Minecraft players, the inability to breed parrots makes sense. Since their respawn rate is so low, it’s by design that only the most dedicated players will ever be able to find them. Letting players breed parrots would increase these spawn rates. Therefore, it would undo the hard work done by those looking for their own parrots.

Interestingly, Minecraft is keenly aware of the inability to create more parrots in the game. The achievement you unlock for raising two animals is called Parrots and Bats. This is ironic, of course, as neither parrots nor bats can breed in the game. This may hint that parrot breeding will be added in the future, but for now, it is. is impossible. If you want to find a parrot, you will have to search the old fashioned way.

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