Minecraft: How to Make a Loom

Players interested in creating banners in Minecraft should make sure to acquire a loom, either by finding or crafting it. Here’s how!

There are quite a few blocks that have multiple functions, like in a crafting game, having various uses of resources can add interesting but natural complexity to the gameplay. Looms are blocks that the player can find or craft on their own from a few simple components.

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Players interested in creating banners in Minecraft should be sure to acquire one of these craft related blocks in their base of operations, however, it would be good to place a loom in a village as well to create lucrative business opportunities.

How to get a loom

a loom on grass.

There are only 2 ways to get a loom: either by finding it in a village or by crafting one from scratch, which is not difficult to accomplish, however, finding one in a village will depend a little on luck as they are not guaranteed. spawn in colonies.

How to find a loom in a village

Look around all houses and other structures, as well as indoors, to find a loom. If players can spot a Shepherd Villager, it would be good to follow them, as they will likely end up leading players to a loom, as this is the block of work that gives Shepherd their profession.

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How to make a loom

Training a loom is one of the simplest of all the task blocks or blocks related to crafts. It can even be done in the crafting menu of the player’s inventory as the recipe only includes 4 components arranged in a square. To make a loom, place 2 wooden planks next to each other and 2 pieces of string on the wooden planks.

How to use a loom

player placing a bag of ink in a loom.

Use a loom to make banners

While opening a menu for a loom can be a little intimidating at first due to the complexity compared to other crafting blocks, looking at it one section at a time can help players figure out how to use them. to create banners.

On the left, there are the 3 component slots; 1 for a blank banner (top left), 1 for any type of dye (top right) and 1 for an optional banner design (bottom).

Then there are the buttons that allow you to select the type of pattern you want to create on your banner if you don’t have a banner pattern at the bottom of the component locations.

Players should note that when they remove a finished banner from the loom, only the blank banner and dye will be used, leaving the optional banner designs unconsumed.

Using a loom to employ a shepherd

If an unemployed villager interacts with a loom, he will become a shepherd, and players can trade him for emeralds as well as loom-related items and blocks.

Novice trades

  • Give 18 blocks of wool (any color) for 1 emerald
  • Give 2 emeralds for 1 veil

Trainees apprentices

  • Give 12 dyes (white, black, gray, lime or light blue) for 1 emerald
  • Give 1 emerald for 1 block of wool (any color)
  • Give 1 emerald for 1 carpet (any color)

Journeyman trades

  • Give 12 dyes (light gray, red, pink, orange or yellow) for 1 emerald
  • Give 3 emeralds for 1 bed (any color)

Expert professions

  • Give 12 dyes (green, purple, magenta, cyan, brown or blue) for 1 emerald
  • Give 3 emeralds for 1 blank banner (any color)

Master trades

  • Offer 2 emeralds for 3 paintings

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