Minecraft IKEA Store is the ultimate do-it-yourself project

A Minecraft gamer has built his own IKEA store, complete with all the shelves, lamps, and chairs needed to build the perfect Minecraft house.

A Minecraft gamer put together a surprisingly fitting creation: an in-game IKEA store with everything one would expect to find in a real-world furniture retailer. Mojang Studios’ virtual sandbox / object making / survival hybrid has served as a creative canvas for would-be builders and engineers for nearly a decade, allowing players to create stunning works of architecture ranging from houses haunted to futuristic cities.

In addition to the original designs, Minecraft gamers have collected neat tributes from their favorite video games, including 2D sprites from each Super Smash Bros Ultimate character and a fully functional Nintendo Game Boy Color that plays Pokémon Yellow. Real places and buildings can also be a powerful muse, with Minecraft engineers recreating London’s Big Ben tower as depicted in Civilization 6 and even assemble a full-scale replica of Venice, Italy with the use of mods. Now a Minecraft The player built something a little more modest out of the real world, but it matches the blocky aesthetic of the game quite well.

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Yesterday, Reddit user Small-failure posted a video of their custom made Minecraft IKEA store at r / Minecraft. The new construction matches a similar IKEA store built in Valheim back in June. Lil-Failure can walk inside this Minecraft recreation of the future popular Dutch chain of stores and browse its inventory, which is fully stocked with a suitable assortment of chairs, sofas, tables, lamps and shelves. Other players have since joked in the comments section about the inability to find the exit and the store staff being made up of Minecraftresident spider creatures.

In addition to the myriad of fan creations, Minecraft has seen a lot of new content over the past year, from new update fixes to crossovers with other franchises like Sonic the hedgehog. Will come next Minecraft‘s The wild update in 2022, which will introduce a spooky new biome called Deep Dark, Sculk Blocks that get dropped when a mob is killed, and a towering new mob type called the Warden who chases players by vibrate and smell.

Lil-Failure’s in-game replica of the IKEA store captures the feel of a brick-and-mortar furniture store pretty well, with a surprising level of detail in the many appliances and appliances. After all, players who build a new house in Minecraft will need a place to sit and a lamp for when it’s time to crouch down and wait for the swarm of Creepers – and now they can get these things at IKEA.

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Source: Lil-Failure / Reddit

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