Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w14a Brings Mangroves and “Recovery Compass”

The Wild update is coming to Minecraft on all platforms later this year and will include a ton of new features and content additions. Mojang Studios is in the process of developing the new content update for their gaming masterpiece, and the Minecraft community is able to test its progress in stages through betas and snapshots. On Wednesday, Mojang Studios released Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w14a with a massive collection of new features.

Topping the changelog is the addition of the mangrove biome and accompanying trees, which also debuted in the latest Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta. Players can now explore the new biome and discover mud blocks in their “natural habitat”, as well as a process by which mud can be turned into clay.

One of the most interesting additions in The Wild Update’s latest snapshot, however, is the arrival of the “recovery compass”. Crafted using Soul Shards (which can only be found in Ancient City chests in the Deep Dark biome), the Salvage Compass shows players the location of their last death, which should be extremely useful for finding any items and equipment you may have lost.

Players can test the latest preview version of one of the best PC games of the moment. The Wild update is slated to release sometime in 2022, and development has been steadily ramping up over time. Mojang Studios continues to add new features, so interested gamers should be sure to jump into snapshots and betas to try them out and submit feedback.

The complete changelog for Minecraft: Java Edition 22w14a Snapshot understand :

New features

  • Renewability of added clay
  • Mangrove trees added
  • Added mangrove biome
  • Added Soul Fragment and Recovery Compass

Renewability of clay

  • Placing mud on top of a block that has pointed Dripstone below will eventually turn the mud block into clay


  • Introducing a new type of water-adapted tree that spawns leaning on the roots
    • Has a chance to spawn a honeycomb
    • Grows from mangrove propagules


  • Muddy! Dark! Wonderful! Welcome to the brand new biome: the Mangrove Swamp
    • Located in warmer, wetter locations where you would normally find the Swamp biome in Minecraft
    • Here you can find hot bees and frogs
    • The ground in this biome is covered in a thick layer of mud, so be sure to pack your best boots
    • Take a beautiful boat ride under and around the larger than life roots of the mangrove trees

recovery compass

  • A new Salvage Compass can be crafted with Soul Fragments which can only be found in and are unique to chests in the Ancient City
    • Unlike a normal compass, the recovery compass will point to the last place you died
    • If you are not in the last dimension where you died, or if you are not yet dead in your world, it will rotate randomly
    • It can be crafted with 1 compass surrounded by 9 soul fragments, which can be found in ancient cities


  • Guardian will now get angry at ALL living mobs that bump into it, not just players

Technical changes

  • CatType fields on entities with type minecraft:cat have been replaced by variantnumeric values ​​being replaced by string identifiers (so, for example, 5 becomes minecraft:calico)
  • Some mutually exclusive tests in entity predicate (player, fishing_hook, lightning_bolt and catType) were reduced to type_specific field
  • Added item_delivered_to_player advancement trigger
  • Added allay_drop_item_on_block advancement trigger

Entity predicate

  • player, fishing_hook, lightning_bolt and catType fields have been replaced by type_specific
  • type_specific has a field type (one of player, fishing_hook, lightning_bolt Where cat) and same fields as deleted fields
    • Before: "lightning_bolt": { "blocks_set_on_fire": 0 }
    • After: "type_specific": { "type": "lightning", "blocks_set_on_fire": 0 }
  • catType has been wrapped to match the new format and now uses a new cat variant names instead of texture names:
    • Before: "catType": "minecraft:textures/entity/cat/british_shorthair.png"
    • After: "type_specific": { "type": "cat", "variant": "minecraft:british" }
  • New type_specific choice :
    • frog at variant variant of frog corresponding to the field (minecraft:warm, minecraft:temperate Where minecraft:cold)
    • slime applies to slimes and magma creams, has a size field corresponding to the size of the slime (the smallest is 1)


  • Deleted field location from triggers location, slept_in_bed, hero_of_the_village and voluntary_exile – it was treated exactly the same way as player.location

New triggers

  • item_delivered_to_player
    • Triggers when an ally delivers an item to a player
    • Conditions:
    • player — a player for whom this trigger is executing
    • Triggered when an ally drops an item on a block
    • Conditions:
    • player — a player for whom this trigger is executing
    • location – a predicate for the block on which the element was dropped
    • item – a predicate for the element that was deleted

Bugs fixed

  • Sculk sensor wool occlusion has a directional bias
  • Sculk sensors react differently to wool occlusion depending on the overall direction.
  • Sculk screamer not grouped with other sculk related blocks in decorations tab of creative inventory
  • block.sculk_catalyst.bloom has no subtitle
  • Frogs eating named slimes or magma cubes are not connected to the console
  • Guardian can create light particles, barriers or structural voids when digging
  • Guardian entity shadows are too small for the size of their models
  • The guardian’s digging sound is the same as its emergent sound
  • Vertical movement of guards when in liquids is too sensitive
  • Guardian spawn egg is not correctly alphabetized
  • Guardians will not find a way through lava even if they are immune to it
  • Some Guardian subtitles do not contain possessive apostrophes where applicable
  • Angry guardians play the “guardian takes note in anger” sound when hit in survival in addition to their hurt sound
  • Guardians remember players in creative mode
  • Guardian roars indefinitely when attacked by multiple entities
  • Activated sculk howlers fail to summon guardian when broken
  • Activated sculk howlers fail to summon the guardian if you run away
  • The guardian does not appear in the spawner
  • “Not A Chain” Appears In Log When Serializing Angry Guardian
  • Some Warden sounds are played in Peaceful mode
  • Guardian can spawn in water
  • Guardians will attack their teammates
  • Guardian summoned with Silent the beacon still emits heartbeat sounds
  • Guardian sounds moaning in anger are not controlled by the “Hostile Creatures” sound slider
  • Guardian is invisible for a split second when spawned by a spawner or spawn egg
  • Guardian does not detect non-player mobs that collide with them
  • Sculk howlers are not activated when the player is riding something
  • Guardian hitbox spawns on peaceful difficulty
  • Guardian roars indefinitely when attack target is invulnerable
  • Guardian sniffles excessively after killing a mob
  • Sculk’s Catalyst and Sculk’s Veins only drop when broken by the Silk Touch hoe
  • Guardian disappears when away
  • Guardians forget their targets when reloading the world
  • Server crashes and game stops responding when loading a chunk containing a structure with an allay
  • Z fights can be seen on the wings of allies during their death animation
  • Allay’s wings are not attached to his body
  • Guardians stop detecting vibration after world reload
  • Lava can generate in ancient cities and burn wool/fly structures
  • Z fights can be seen under the heads of allies
  • Overlapping UV Warden
  • Z combat can be seen when allies arms cross their bodies
  • Icehouse hatch in Ancient Towns is open by default
  • The second lamp in the centers of ancient cities does not have a stampede sensor
  • entrance_path_5 can never generate
  • Unused structures in ancient cities
  • Blocks that require support can generate flutter in ancient cities
  • Guardian can be pushed as it emerges and digs
  • Eating does not activate the redstone gate in the center of the ancient city
  • Guardian hitbox not adjusting when going out and digging

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