Minecraft launches free “Timecraft” hour of code

Minecraft published on 2021 Timecraft Hour of Code, free-to-play, to help educate its community.

Minecraft released their last hour of code, naming it “Timecraft” because they describe coding as akin to time travel and magic.

Timecraft Apollo 11. Image from Minecraft.

Timecraft Code Hour can be achieved by downloading and installing Minecraft Education Edition, which includes 10 free coding adventures to help teach gamers the power of coding.

Players can play Timecraft for free, even without an official school or educator connection.

Timecraft is suitable for children as young as seven years old and includes in-game tips to guide players through coding tasks if they are playing on their own and not as part of a class or lesson.

Some examples of what players can expect to do include coding a solution to prevent giant pandas from interfering with the construction of the Great Wall in China during the reign of the Zhao Dynasty, or the search for a trumpet for a jazz musician in the 1920s in New York City.

Timecraft’s coding courses are part of Computer Science Education Week in the United States, which runs from December 6 to 12, 2021, and will be available in 29 different languages.

Educators and families can prepare for it by installing Minecraft Education Edition and reviewing lesson plans and details for the Timecraft Hour of Code event.