Minecraft Lightyear DLC is now available with Buzz Crashing On Alien Planet

Mojang collaborated with Disney to release a Lightyear DLC for Minecraft Bedrock. The DLC guides the player through the origin story of Buzz and his crash landing on an alien planet. There will be five different missions in varying environments, from jungles to mines.

Along with beating enemies, players will be able to fly different planes and dodge obstacles on the alien planet. The DLC also comes with a free Lightyear-themed character creator item. On the market, the Lightyear extension costs 1,340 Minecoins. In actual legal tender, this equates to approximately a little less than the $10 bundle, which comes with 1,7430 Minecoins.

The DLC is temporarily unavailable on Nintendo Switch but will be available shortly, according to the Minecraft blog. To play the Lightyear DLC, note that you will also need the base game, the latest edition of Minecraft bedrock specifically, that’s $30 on PC.

Note that as of June 2022, Mojang has bundled Minecraft Java and Bedrock for PC into one package. The two editions will remain separate, but the bundle is a way for PC gamers to have both Java and Bedrock without having to choose between buying one or the other. Additionally, owners of existing Java or Bedrock PCs automatically received a free copy of the version they did not own.

Mojang has been very prolific in producing Minecraft crossovers, including the unexpected Lacoste collaboration (yes, the clothing brand) released in March 2022.

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