Minecraft Player Complements All 151 Original Pokémon Sprite Models

A very dedicated Minecraft gamer recently completed a project that recreates the sprite models of the original 151 Pokémon from the Kanto region.

A dedicated Minecraft player and Pokemon fan brought the sprites of the original 151 Pokémon in the title of Mojang’s Survival Sandbox. The two beloved franchises have captured the hearts of gamers due to their family nature and robust playing possibilities. Minecraft sets the standard for sandbox games by providing gamers with the tools and resources to bring their imaginations to life.

In terms of scale, Minecraft is largely unmatched by other creative sandbox games. Mojang’s beloved block title can randomly spawn worlds that are essentially endless, giving players ample room to explore and plan a build. Players can collect or create a large number of blocks, which can be combined into any configuration imaginable due to their universal cubic shape. Creative mode gives players even more building freedom, with endless access to any of the Minecraftand the ability to fly freely around the world. The endless possibilities of the sandbox are demonstrated by projects such as a player’s beauty Pokemon sprite models, with the franchise’s first 26 Pokémon being completed in August 2021.

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Reddit user GaggleDeGeckos, the Minecraft player responsible for Pokemon sprite project, just completed the franchise’s first 151 Adorable Monsters. This massive set includes all of the Pokémon found in the Kanto region, which is the setting for the very first generation of games in the series. Ranging from the adorable Bulbasaur starter and the illusory legendary Mew to the mascot of the Pikachu series, GaggleOfGeckos has faithfully brought this retro gaming art into the modern era.

Pokemon fans always seek to pay homage to the beloved franchise through art, and Minecraft acts as a large canvas. Reddit user SirArzey has created Pokemon creations in Minecraft, including a massive tower that is flanked by huge statues of iconic creatures. The Pokémon Tower project appears to be inspired by Dragon-type Pokémon, as it includes several of these powerful flying monsters such as Dragonite and Druddigon. The tower itself appears to stand at the center of an even larger Pokemon-Inspired establishment, with a Pokémon Center and Poké Mart also visible on either side of the central Dragon Tower. More recently, SirArzey followed their Minecraft Pokémon Tower built with an even more gargantuan tribute. The user’s amazingly detailed Wailord construction Minecraft shows the Whale Pokémon riding a gigantic tsunami alongside other creatures such as Magikarp.

By recreating the sprites of the original 151 Pokemon, GaggleOfGeckos demonstrates undeniable skill and patience in Minecraft. The project undoubtedly took many hours into the game, but it paid off in producing a full set of the franchise’s original roster of pocket monsters. Each of the pixelated sprite templates perfectly recreates the original designs of these iconic Pokémon. With the 151 Kanto region monsters now complete, time will tell if GaggleOfGeckos is trying to bring in the 900 or so Pokemon in Minecraft.

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Source: GaggleOfGeckos / Reddit

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