Minecraft Player rebuilds Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 car

A Minecraft gamer recently shared his version of the Ghostbusters’ ambulance-hearse hybrid, the Ecto-1, with the Ghostbusters sticker.

A member of Minecraft community has once again impressed the internet with its creativity, having built an in-game version of the ghost hunters the crew’s Ecto-1 car. Although Minecraft Now a decade old, the game remains remarkably popular and maintains a thriving community. This reality is – in part – due to Mojang’s commitment to constantly releasing new content for the game, as well as his own players constantly inspiring each other to new heights. The latest addition to Minecraft, part 2 of the Caves & Cliffs update, introduced some major changes that have helped shake up the game and keep it fresh.


Artistic, architectural and ingenious feats are far from new on the Minecraft subreddit but always innovative versions and ideas appear day in and day out to impress Minecraft Fans. Last week a Minecraft player made a custom skybox that allowed them to build on a Halo ring Minecraft and impressive new constructions have continued to circulate on the Internet ever since. The game may have been a simple survival game, but it doesn’t serve as an artistic outlet for many.

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Today Reddit user toyFreddyFan2007YT shared their construction of the ghost hunters‘Ecto-1 with Internet. The vehicle is meticulous and detailed right down to its distinctive fins. October is over and Halloween is in the rearview mirror, but the sticker on the ghost hunters“The symbol on the driver’s side door is sure to put anyone in a scary mood. However, this is not the first appearance of the Ecto-1 in popular games recently; GTA Online violently recreated player ghost hunters in their own way, earlier this week.

The original Ecto-1 was a repairman. The vehicle needed major repairs when first purchased by Ray, and was later rebuilt to Ecto-1a after sustaining damage while chasing a ghost through New York City. . In his Minecraft recreation, even the roof rack gadgets of the original Ecto-1 are present, although understandably difficult to tell apart. The car has the sirens, lights, and general shape of the Ecto-1, and is – overall – a very close match to the ghost hunters‘transport; even up to having a license plate and an antenna bent backwards.

Building creations inspired by real life or pop culture is a long-standing job Minecrafthe tradition ; and at this point the real challenge is not to build but to find something that Minecraft the community cannot build. The game allows for incredible feats, like building the Seattle Space Needle in Minecraft. Despite his age, Minecraft provides a field for players to expand their imaginations and artistic abilities. Again and again, Minecraft players prove that even the sky isn’t the limit (literally), if they think about it.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: ToyFreddyFan2007YT / Reddit

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