Minecraft Player uses liana heads on the farm as lettuce heads


A Minecraft player showed off a unique way to use Creeper heads to replace lettuce heads in building their garden, making it an explosive harvest.

Frustrated by the lack of lettuce in the game Minecraft a player took it upon himself to add the vegetable to the game in an unusual way. Reusing a climbing plant head for lettuce in a garden is just the latest in a trend of Minecraft players using common (or in this case uncommon) items in the game for some other decorative reason.

MinecraftThe ability to decorate and create beautiful panoramas is one of the main reasons the game has lasted so long. With the recent Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update, players were able to add even more beautiful visuals to their builds with new items such as Drip Stone, Cultivation Berries, and Drip Leaves. These new items, which generate in updated caves in player worlds, allow even more creativity and imagination in a player’s constructions or decorations. However, even after a decade of adding via updates, there are still things that cannot be found in a Minecraft world. Which will often force players to come up with creative solutions.


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For example, Minecraft player AnActuary4592 posted a video from their garden, in which they used climbing plant heads in place of lettuce. Lettuce is of course not one of the many crops that can be grown in Minecraft, so OneActuary4592 decided to get creative using Creeper heads. Green and blocky, Creeper heads look a bit like lettuce heads. Minecraft. By sticking them here and there in the garden, OneActuary4592 manages to add a bit of diversity and color to the build. The only problem is actually getting some Creeper heads.

Creeper’s heads are purely decorative items, which only drop if the player manages to kill it using another Creeper’s charged explosion. So this is an extremely rare block and hard to get, which is why many players don’t have them in their survival worlds. Of course, players can wear a Creeper head to reduce the detection range of other Creepers or use them to create a unique banner. However, Creeper’s buds usually have no other use than being purely decorative, so using them as lettuce doesn’t necessarily have to be a waste.

While gamers are always looking for better ways to decorate their Minecraft world, it would be very unusual to see a build with Creeper heads scattered around. However, as OneActuary4592 has shown to the community, this is a great tool if one needs to make it look like there is lettuce growing.

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Source: OneActuary4592 / Reddit

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