Minecraft Pride Championship 2021: How To Watch Live Stream Online, What To Expect & The Contestants – Find Out Here

Minecraft Pride Championship 2021: One of the most popular sandbox video games is ready with a new competitive event designed to commemorate 2021 Pride – Minecraft Championship, the company’s most popular gaming event, had a 2021 Championship very successful this year, but the company is already preparing for the next event. A new special event is coming up to commemorate Pride Month. For this event, Minecraft will host popular Minecraft players alongside members of the LGBTQ + community who will participate in the event.

How to watch Minecraft Pride Championship live online

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The 2021 Minecraft Pride Championship kicks off at 12:00 p.m. PST on June 26, meaning players in India can tune into the live stream at 12:30 a.m. on June 27, as reported by Dexerto. It also means viewers may have to stay up late, as the event is expected to last a full day. In order to watch the live stream of the Minecraft Pride Championship, viewers can visit Noxcrew’s Twitch channel when the show begins, or subscribe to be notified automatically when the event begins.

What is the Minecraft Pride Championship?

Minecraft is a popular building and crafting game, where players have to build a game and play different game modes (such as battle and survival) in order to keep playing. Gamers can create large regions using just their mouse and keyboard – the game is cross-platform and works on smartphones. During these games, participants from different teams compete to win free prizes and the winners are declared at the end of the event.

What to expect from the Minecraft Pride Championship?

Dubbed the MC Pride Championships, this year’s event will be produced by official Minecraft partner Noxcrew, who has created a series of mini-games for the competition that will span one day, while teams of users will compete against each other during the event. The teams include the Red Rabbits, Orange Ocelots, Yellow Yaks, Lime Llamas, Green Guardians, according to the report. They will all participate in a total of 13 games (such as Bingo But Fast, Ace Race, Skyblockle, Parkour Warrior, Rocket Spleef and more) during the event. The teams with the most coins collected will be matched in a final event where the winner will be declared.

What is the price of the Minecraft Pride Championship?

Although many of these events promise a monetary prize, the money for this event will not be released to attendees. This means that although the championship accepts donations during the live broadcast of the event, these contributions as well as a lakh of $ 1 ( ₹YouTube Gaming’s contribution of 74.14 lakh) will go to the Trevor Project, which aims to prevent suicide and provide support to LGBTQ + youth living in the United States.