Minecraft Redditor features an impressive collection of custom banners

Banners are a popular decorative element in Minecraft. Players use the object to display different patterns that can be applied to large blocks. The banners have around 16 different color variations, with each banner having different types of patterns and intricate designs available. They can be applied to walls, different blocks, shields or even displayed as a standalone item.

Recently, Minecraft Redditor u/GingerJay1991 posted a short video on the platform which showed off a massive collection of in-game banners. The video was in the form of a TikTok which showcased the collection. With over 1400 upvotes and over 80 comments, the post was well received by the Minecraft community on Reddit.

Minecraft Player’s Banner Showcase Has Reddit In Awe

Although the video is only 22 seconds long, it reveals a lot about the player setup and the different banner designs. The collection can be seen located inside a huge hole the player dug to house all of their banners. The walls of the hole are littered with tons of custom-made banners with intricate designs, while more still reside on the floor of the gigantic space inside the floor.

Banners can be seen sorted or distributed based on various factors. A set of banners containing images of mountains, snow and sun can be seen on the wall. Next to it, a set containing different types of boats can be seen. Other banner sets include:

  • Different Types of Ducks: Four yellow-colored banners with duck faces depicted on them can be seen hanging on the wall.
  • Enderman Collection/Spooky Eyes: A massive collection of Enderman-themed banners can be seen in the middle of the area.
  • Pumpkin Themed Collection: Another long row of banners resembling different types of Jack O’ Lanterns and having other pumpkin-like textures can be seen in the middle.
  • Pride/Rainbow Collection: A banner set with various rainbow-colored banners can be seen on one of the walls. This is most likely a nod to the “pride” symbol/colours, or it could just be a celebration of the vibrancy of the colors of the rainbow.
  • Other Animals: Banners themed around pigs, sheep, chickens, pandas, and more. can be seen on the ground. Foxes have an entire row dedicated to them.
  • Flower Sets: Banners depicting different kinds of flowers can be seen on the ground. Among them are sunflowers and roses.
  • Swords: About twenty banners depicting swords of different colors can be seen in a massive collection along one of the walls.
  • Various banners: Many other banners can be seen hanging on the walls or on the ground. Among these are those that feature medals, intricate designs, pop culture references like Batman and Pokemon, world flags, certain pyramids, and more.

Reactions to the presentation of the banner collection by u/GingerJay1991

Interestingly, the player is using the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft in the video. Bedrock Edition is known to have more features and functionality when it comes to decoration and other gameplay mechanics.

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