Minecraft Vanishing Bookshelf Illusion does not use any mods or command blocks

A Minecraft player has constructed an endangered shelf optical illusion that fools the eye without the use of mods or control blocks.

A reality that bends Minecraft the illusion with a vanishing shelf was created with no modules or control blocks, just engineering and redstone pistons at the right time. The popular voxel world of Mojang holds seemingly endless potential, as players continue to produce impressive new releases even after a decade has passed. Minecraftinitial launch of. Although consistent updates like Minecraft‘s Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2 helping to keep the game interesting, it’s ultimately the dedicated engineers who expand what’s possible in the virtual sandbox.

Mojang isn’t the only one creating new content for Minecraft, because the modding community is always working hard to produce exciting mods that improve the game. Minecraft players often use mods to expand what is possible in the voxel world; this includes a mod that transforms Minecraft in a real-time strategy game. But sometimes the best versions are the ones that don’t use any mods, capitalizing on the game’s Vanilla features. Redstone engineering, on the other hand, allows gamers to produce full-fledged electronics, and gamers already have it. builds supercomputers and graphing calculators using Redstone in Minecraft. The full potential of Redstone is still being discovered, with some projects even blocking veteran builders.


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Reddit user clays builds an endangered shelf illusion in Minecraft without the use of modules or control blocks, and the vanilla version trompe l’oeil for one minute. The attached video shows a stone wall with two openings one block wide to another room. Looking through the left side, there is a row of shelves across the room, but that same shelf disappears when the player looks out the right side window. The block-sized holes on the right and left are intermittently interrupted by a dark screen blocking the view of the room, making the bookshelf look like it is disappearing. It turns out that claytation used well-timed pistons to make the optical illusion work.

See the original post on Reddit here.

Minecraft players have built many optical illusions, such as the constant evolution of a player Minecraft maze, which confuses participants. Claytations’ disappearing shelf illusion works by creating movable shelves around the room using redstone repeaters and sticky pistons. On the right window there is a piston with a black concrete block that is in sync with the vanishing bookcase to make it look like it disappears on its own. On the left, the black concrete piston is timed with the visible state of the library. The optical illusion works because a player looks through the left and sees shelves every time the concrete piston falls, but on the right side the shelves will be gone, as the pistons hide the piston animation from the shelf.

The beauty of the vanishing shelf illusion is that it was created without modules or control blocks. Claytation only used vanilla Minecraft features, including Redstone engineering to complete the project. The optical illusion can certainly fool the naked eye and can only be broken down when a Minecraft the player takes a look.

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Source: Claytations / Reddit

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