Minecraft’s Impressive Strategy Lets Players Cut Down Tall Trees Quickly

Getting wooden planks is probably the first thing a player will do in Minecraft, but one player reveals a useful trick that can speed up cutting.

Minecraft has redefined the sandbox game genre since 2009, and 13 years later fans are still building awesome blocky creations with its nearly limitless design. Despite the new features added to Minecraft in updates, players always find helpful exploration tips to improve the overall experience for new and veteran players alike.

One of the most common items is wood, which is useful for constructing elaborate contraptions and designer homes in Minecraft, but cutting down large trees is often tedious and can be risky. However, a player’s exploits make good use of a special item to speed up the process while minimizing the chance of fall damage or other unfortunate issues.


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Wood comes in several species depending on Minecraft biome it grows in, and experienced players probably know how to “farm” wood by continually regrowing saplings. Reddit user u/bl00pyy takes it a step further by posting a video that demonstrates how Ender Pearl’s teleport ability can be harnessed. This strategy makes it surprisingly easy to reach the top of tall trees, ready to be chopped into usable blocks with the addition of an enchanted diamond axe.

Players attempting to emulate this impressive strategy will need the following in their inventory: 4 saplings, at least one Ender Pearl, and a sufficient pile of bone meal. Using bone meal on an oak sapling that is not in a group of four wastes bone meal with no effect on growth. It’s recommended to do this in a spacious area and near a spawn point (ie: a bed), as the speed and accuracy needed to pull off this trick will likely take some practice.

This method is much faster than building a staircase or “nerdpoling” straight up using the “jump and place” technique, a trick traditionally used by newcomers. Minecraft players. However, this comes with the cost of using an Ender Pearl, which is a rare item obtained from tough Enderman monsters and can shatter after just a few throws. Ender Pearls are also used to craft Eyes of Ender to gain access to the End Realm, so early survival players may want to save them for game progression instead of a trick shot.

Since its inception, creative gamers have successfully built functional phones, calculators, and even an entire 3D printer using Minecraftits resources. Even relatively small strategy videos are still loved by the community, ensuring that MinecraftThe legacy of the sandbox will continue thanks to the talent and artistic vision of the players.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and legacy platforms.

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