Minor Gameplay Adjustments Rockstar Should Consider

With Rockstar Games pushing back the release of Grand Automatic Flight 6fans of the famous Grand Theft Auto the franchise wants nothing more than access to both a gripping story and pure mayhem in the new installment. And with the success of GTA onlinefans know Rockstar might have a lot of surprises in store for Grand Automatic Flight 6.

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However, with a few years still in store while waiting for the highly anticipated GTA sequel, fans want certain gameplay elements changed and modified to capitalize on the experience. Given the graphical prowess and gameplay elements of these GTAversions, what kind of gameplay should GTA 6 have for players to maximize their enjoyment?

8 working system

While a game like GTA 6 would almost certainly allow players to become a criminal and become a crime boss, perhaps it would expand the interactive nature of the game to include some sort of job system. Similar to RPGs, this would mean giving players the option to take on the role of other criminal characters such as hitmen, bodyguards, and even rogue cops.

However, unlike RPGs, GTA 6 could simplify this feature with a basic “trait” that makes these jobs more unique. For example, having a job can give players access to exclusive weapons, vehicles, and more NPC-friendly layouts. Likewise, these jobs could give players access to specific mini-games and quests.

seven Respect System

One of the more innovative features of the two Auto Grand Theft 2 and San Andreas was the respect system. Both GTA 2 and San Andreas encouraging players to do things favorable to a particular faction to increase their respect, but with different results. In GTA 2, players who have high respect levels for a gang can access many of their missions. Meanwhile, Respect in San Andreas can indicate how many gang members the protagonist Carl can hire to accompany him on missions.

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This feature did not return in subsequent games, and the bonuses closest to the respect system in modern titles would be the “CEO” and “President MC” bonuses in GTA online. It’s also something GTA 6 could feature, because nowadays many open-world games such as Bethesda titles (Fallout, The Elder Scrolls) often feature faction leveling with different benefits. Whether GTA 6 features various gangs, Respect could play a huge role in side missions and so on.

6 Difficult money acquisition system

Given how GTA games are more or less about “having fun” in a rather reckless and more dangerous way compared to other games, it makes sense that players have a much easier time acquiring money. After all, the difficulty here lies in how players maximize the fun they get from acquiring items they have. However, GTA 6 could use a more difficult money acquisition system, especially to get players to explore other components of the title.

To be inspired by GTA online business systems, GTA 6 could feature various mini-games that represent errands players could do for gangs and other establishments. It is through these mini-games that players can earn a wide variety of extra money in addition to completing missions.

5 Clothing customization system

Thanks to GTA Vice City and San Andreas, players now have access to different types of clothing. This added a whole level of customization that would find its way into future games, and even into GTA online where some clothing such as balaclavas or jackets could be altered. However, despite the extensive wardrobe of GTA 5 and GTA online, they still lack the particular level of customization that could truly personalize a player’s experience. This is quite different from games such as Saints Row where players could customize not only the colors but also the textures and logos of their clothes.

Clothing customization system in GTA 6 could go to great lengths in an effort to personalize a player’s experience. The simple ability to customize the colors manually or via palettes, as well as being able to change their basic appearance, like creases and such, could give players a better sense of belonging to their characters.

4 Physical change system

One of the most popular features introduced in GTA San Andreas was the option to hit the gym and alter CJ’s physique. As such, he can have a lean physique, a muscular physique, and a broad physique. However, aside from the difference in visuals, the physique chosen by the player can also affect CJ’s overall performance.

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For example, a taller CJ would mean running slower and having more trouble over obstacles, while being ridiculed by others. Meanwhile, a lean CJ would give him faster run speed at the expense of lower health. Finally, a muscular CJ can do more damage up close. Such a system could greatly affect immersion levels in GTA 6especially since this visual choice can mechanically impact the game.

3 Pedestrian interactions

In the world of GTANPCs are often referred to as pedestrians due to their nature of simply existing to populate the roads of the game setting. However, by the time games like city ​​of vice were released, pedestrians began to be programmed with more realistic actions such as talking on the phone, sitting on benches, smoking, as well as talking and fighting with each other. Some pedestrians also have sub-classifications with unique actions, such as street criminals who regularly rob civilians.

However, player interactions with pedestrians may still be limited at times. Aside from statements and remarks when bumped, many pedestrian interactions involving players often occur while being targeted or attacked. GTA 6 can add a slight enhancement in the form of other forms of interactions, such as greetings, funny remarks or even insults which could generate various results.

2 Continuous music

The GTA franchise has always been known for its rather peculiar and entertaining soundtrack. Along with unforgettable hits in various games, its variety of radio shows remain entertaining for gamers who are just cruising around their vehicles. However, perhaps a small upgrade to this feature that could significantly improve immersion can come in the form of music streaming.

Quite simply, GTA 6 could hopefully give gamers a way to connect their favorite music and in-game streaming apps and allow them to listen to their favorite songs and podcasts while driving. This could enhance the potential attractiveness of GTA 6 like a comfort game.

1 Vertical options

One of the most amazing things you can see in GTA It’s not just the stunning visuals of modern titles, but also the fact that players can get to rooftops and other extremely tall structures using aircraft such as helicopters. However, planes are often expensive, fragile, and difficult to maneuver, so players are not recommended to use them all the time.

Should GTA 6 plan to allow players access to upper floors and buildings, this could help improve exploration to include more verticality options for players. This could include making upper floor features such as lower roofs, terraces and balconies more accessible. Also, gameplay being more vertical, like taking out snipers from above, reaching buildings with cars, or having to get to a rooftop for a shootout, could make exploring the game more interesting.

Grand Automatic Flight 6 is now in development.

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