MLB The Show 21 playoff event will offer double XP

The Major League Baseball playoffs are officially underway starting today with the first Wild Card games and MLB The Show 21 is set to celebrate the playoffs with their special Double XP days.

Double XP isn’t new to MLB The Show 21, but this time it’s back just in time for the playoffs.

Being able to earn XP in half the time is definitely worth it, you have about a week and a half to take advantage of it.

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Why is Sony’s MLB The Show 21 on Game Pass?



Why is Sony’s MLB The Show 21 on Game Pass?





MLB The Show 21 Days Double XP

MLB The Show 21 Double XP Days kicked off today, October 5, alongside the first Wild Card game between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

This Double XP event will not run for the duration of the playoffs, but will last until Friday, October 15 at around 11:00 a.m. PT.

During this event, you will earn twice as much XP as you would normally have earned at any given point in the game, which is a big help.

Be careful when trying to accumulate XP which will be doubled, as any sort of server error can erase anything you’ve earned while playing.

This is especially problematic when trying to tweak the system somewhat and gain XP at a much more efficient rate. As a result, it is better to make small batches of XP gains with double XP rather than having long gaming sessions each time.

How can Double XP help you?

MLB The Show 21 introduced the Seventh Inning program a few weeks ago and introduced players to three new bosses you can take down.

Making your way through the seventh round schedule will require a lot of XP, which is where the Double XP days will really come in handy over the next few weeks.

Earning XP in the seventh round schedule will lead to a lot of fantastic rewards that you will really want to get if you can, there is no better time to do that than while it is happening it will take time. half the time it will take you to complete them.

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